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On the formal arc space of a reductive monoid
Let $X$ be a scheme of finite type over a finite field $k$, and let ${\cal L} X$ denote its arc space; in particular, ${\cal L} X(k)=X(k[[t]])$. Using the theory of Grinberg, Kazhdan, and Drinfeld onExpand
La fibration de Hitchin-Frenkel-Ngo et son complexe d'intersection
In this article, we construct the Hitchin fibration for groups following the scheme outlined by Frenkel-Ngo in the case of SL_{2}. This construction uses as a decisive tool the Vinberg's semigroup.Expand
Erratum to: “On the formal arc space of a reductive monoid”
abstract:We correct the calculation of IC functions on arc spaces of reductive monoids in [Bouthier, Ng\^o, and Sakellaridis, {\it Amer. J. Math.} {\bf 138} (2016), 81--108] which did not account forExpand
Torsors on loop groups and the Hitchin fibration
In his proof of the fundamental lemma, Ngo established the product formula for the Hitchin fibration over the anisotropic locus. One expects this formula over the larger generically regularExpand
Perverse sheaves on infinite-dimensional stacks, and affine Springer theory
The goal of this work is to construct a perverse t-structure on the infinity-category of l-adic LG-equivariant sheaves on the loop Lie algebra Lg and to show that the affine Grothendieck-SpringerExpand
We fill some gaps in [Bou15] and finish the proof of dimension formula for the affine Springer fibers studied in loc. cit.