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Investigation in the Dipropylacetic Acid Series, C8 and C9 Branched Chain Ethylenic Acids and Amides
2‐Propyl‐2‐pentenoic acid was prepared. Its stereochemistry was determined using the A.S.I.S.‐effect. The dehalogenation by N,N‐diethylaniline of some N‐substituted 2‐bromo‐2,2‐dipropyl‐acetamidesExpand
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Exclusion column for high-performance liquid chromatography of oligonucleotides
Abstract The I-125 Protein Analysis Column (Waters Assoc.), a size-exclusion column, gives separations of short oligodeoxyribonucleotides. The influence of the pH and molar concentration of theExpand
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GABA transaminase inhibitors.
In summary, several branched-chain fatty acids appeared to be competitive inhibitors of GABA-T and non-competitive inhibitors of SSADH. These compounds produce an increase in brain GABA level, andExpand
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Synthesis and immunomodulating activity of 1-amino-2-thiohydantoin derivatives
Abstract 1-Amino-2-thiohydantoin derivatives have been synthesized. Immunomodulating and anticancer activities have been studied. Their activity on the immune system is complex, being eitherExpand
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Toxicity and QSAR of chlorophenols on Lebistes reticulatus.
The 24-h toxicity of 20 substituted chlorophenols upon Lebistes reticulatus has been determined. The biological results have been tentatively connected with several of the following six parameters:Expand
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Secondary products of itanoxone.
Itanoxone synthesis by Friedel-Crafts reaction between itaconic anhydride and 2-chlorobiphenyl was studied. Five isomers corresponding to possible impurities were prepared and studied to perfect aExpand
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