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Formal Semantics and Analysis of Behavioral AADL Models in Real-Time Maude
AADL is a standard for modeling embedded systems that is widely used in avionics and other safety-critical applications. However, AADL lacks a formal semantics, and this severely limits bothExpand
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An Algebraic Semantics for MOF
Model-driven development is a field within software engineering in which software artifacts are represented as models in order to improve productivity, quality, and cost effectiveness. In this field,Expand
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An algebraic semantics for MOF
In model-driven development, software artifacts are represented as models in order to improve productivity, quality, and cost effectiveness. In this area, the meta-object facility (MOF) standardExpand
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Automatic Support for Traceability in a Generic Model Management Framework
In a MDA process, software artifacts are refined from the problem space (requirements) to the solution space (application). A model refinement involves the application of operators that perform tasksExpand
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Un Motor de Transformación de Modelos con Soporte para el Lenguaje QVT Relations
Resumen. En la actualidad estan apareciendo un gran numero de herramientas que proporcionan soporte para transformar modelos. No obstante, hasta el momento no existe ninguna que haya tenido enExpand
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What Is a Multi-modeling Language?
In large software projects often multiple modeling languages are used in order to cover the different domains and views of the application and the language skills of the developers appropriately.Expand
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Algebraic Semantics of OCL-Constrained Metamodel Specifications
In the definition of domain-specific modeling languages a MOF metamodel is used to define the main types of its abstract syntax, and OCL invariants are used to add static semantic constraints. TheExpand
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Formal Real-Time Model Transformations in MOMENT2
This paper explains how the MOMENT2 formal model transformation framework has been extended to support the formal specification and analysis of real-time model-based systems. We provide a collectionExpand
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Software Generic Measurement Framework Based on MDA
Currently, in order to obtain high quality software products it is necessary to carry out a good software processes management in which measurement is a fundamental factor. Due to the great diversityExpand
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Rewriting Logic Semantics and Verification of Model Transformations
Model transformations are used in model-driven development for mechanizing the interoperability and integration among modeling languages. Due to the graph-theoretic nature of models, the theory ofExpand
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