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Density and maximality of arithmetic subgroups.
Let G be a connected semi-simple group defined over the field Q of rational numbers and H an arithmetic subgroup of G. By definition, then, H is a subgroup of GQ and if £ :G->GL W is an injectiveExpand
Existence of discrete cocompact subgroups of reductive groups over local fields.
Here H(L) is viewed s a topological group, for the topology associated to that of L, and Γ cocompact in H(L) means that the quotient space H(L)/F is compact. If L = R, C, the result was known [1] (InExpand
On the compactification of arithmetically defined quotients of bounded symmetric domains
In previous papers [13], [2], [16], [3], [ l l ] , the theory of automorphic functions for some classical discontinuous groups F, such as the Siegel or Hilbert-Siegel modular groups, acting onExpand
Stable and $L^2$-cohomology of arithmetic groups
Introduction. In [1], [2] we gave a range of dimensions in which the real cohomology of an arithmetic or S-arithmetic subgroup T of a connected semisimple group G over Q is naturally isomorphic toExpand
[Ametropia and occupations in Building and Public Works].
African and European children, Elim, Limpopo, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
"Daniel et Lisbeth, enfants Liengme" ("Daniel and Lisbeth, Liengme children") Photograph of a group of African and European children. They stand in front of a building at Elim Hospital.; PhotographieExpand
[Venereal tumors of the dog (Sticker sarcoma); experimental radiobiology].