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Palladium-catalyzed regioselective C-H fluoroalkylation of indoles at the C4-position.
An exclusive catalytic C4-selective fluoroalkylation of indoles with highly active (1H, 1H-perfluoroalkyl)mesityliodonium triflate has been described. The key to its high regioselectivity is theExpand
Recent Advances in Catalytic Functionalization of N‐Oxide Compounds via CH Bond Activation
N-Oxide compounds are very important intermediates in synthetic organic chemistry as well as in the chemical industry. Numerous efforts have been devoted to the development of efficient ap- proachesExpand
Use of Bromine and Bromo-Organic Compounds in Organic Synthesis.
Bromination is one of the most important transformations in organic synthesis and can be carried out using bromine and many other bromo compounds. Use of molecular bromine in organic synthesis isExpand
Decarboxylative functionalization of cinnamic acids.
Decarboxylative functionalization of α,β-unsaturated carboxylic acids is an emerging area that has been developed significantly in recent years. This critical review focuses on the differentExpand
Rhodium-Catalyzed, Remote Terminal Hydroarylation of Activated Olefins through a Long-Range Deconjugative Isomerization.
The Rh-catalyzed, remote terminal hydroarylation of active olefins at the C7-position of indoles and the ortho-position of indolines and anilines with the appropriate choice of a N-P tBu2 directingExpand
Recent Advances in Transition Metal-Catalyzed Methylation Reactions
Methylation is one of the most fundamental synthetic transformations in organic chemistry, but usually employs hazardous and toxic reagents, such as methyl iodide, dimethyl sulfate, diazomethane andExpand
Efficient silver-catalyzed direct sulfenylation and selenylation of rich arenes.
An efficient protocol for silver/copper-cocatalyzed direct sulfenylation and selenylation of arenes with aryl disulfides and diselenides has been developed. This strategy exhibits excellentExpand
Recent advances in the synthesis of nitroolefin compounds.
Development of methodology for the preparation of nitroolefins is of significant interest to organic chemists. Recently, numerous useful methods have been developed, mainly including direct nitrationExpand
Efficient synthesis of methyl carbamate via Hofmann rearrangement in the presence of TsNBr2
Abstract An efficient method has been developed for the synthesis of carbamates from the corresponding amides via the Hofmann rearrangement using N,N-dibromo-p-toluenesulfonamide (TsNBr2) in theExpand
Transition-metal-catalyzed direct β-functionalization of simple carbonyl compounds
Chemical transformations via catalytic C–H bond activation have been established as one of the most powerful tools in organic synthetic chemistry. Transition-metal-catalyzed direct functionalizationExpand