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On the Relationship Between Firm Size and Export Intensity
Export marketing literature supports the view that firm size is positively related to export intensity. Although the empirical findings have been mixed, a number of theoretical arguments are used toExpand
Entry Strategies Under Competing Standards: Hybrid Business Models in the Open Source Software Industry
The paper analyzes the strategies of software firms that have entered the open source (OS) field. Expand
Why Open Source Software Can Succeed
The paper discusses three key economic problems raised by the emergence and diffusion of Open source software: motivation, coordination, and diffusion under a dominant standard. First, the movementExpand
Why Open Source software can succeed
This paper shows that recent developments in the theory of diffusion of technologies with network externality may help to explain these phenomena. Expand
A theoretical framework for the evaluation of university‐industry relationships
The purpose of this paper is to build up a theoretical framework to study university-industry interorganisational relations (U-1 IOR). Expand
Strategic Partnerships in New Product Development: an Italian Case Study
Abstract This article provides some revealing insights into what a leading Italian firm operating in markets where innovation is a focal point of competition has learned about partnering withExpand
Comparing motivations of individual programmers and firms to take part in the open source movement: From community to business
The first urgent question for any scholar willing to study the Open Source (OS) movement has been clearly put by Glass (1999, 104): I don’t know who these crazy people are who want to write, read andExpand
Search Regimes and the Industrial Dynamics of Science
The article addresses the issue of dynamics of science, in particular of new sciences born in twentieth century and developed after the Second World War (information science, materials science, lifeExpand
Advanced indicators of productivity of universitiesAn application of robust nonparametric methods to Italian data
This paper explores scale, scope and trade-off effects in scientific research and higher education with reference to the Italian system of universities. Expand
The European university landscape: A micro characterization based on evidence from the Aquameth project
This paper provides a new and systematic characterization of 488 universities, from 11 European countries: Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, SwitzerlandExpand