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Extensive dinoflagellate phylogenies indicate infrequent marine-freshwater transitions.
We have constructed extensive 18S-28S rDNA dinoflagellate phylogenies (>200 sequences for each marker) using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference to study the evolutionary relationships amongExpand
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La laguna Lobos y su afluente
Se describe la variacion espacial y temporal de la transparencia, la temperatura, el pH, la conductividad y el plancton en la laguna subtropical oligohalina Lobos (provincia de Buenos Aires,Expand
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Spatial and temporal change characterization of Ceratium furcoides ( Dinophyta ) in the equatorial reservoir Riogrande II
Aim: To establish the dynamics of C. furcoides in horizontal and temporal scales; and to determine the main ecological factors related to its dynamics. Methods: Samples were taken in five stationsExpand
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Diversity and endemism in cold waters of the South Atlantic: contrasting patterns in the plankton and the benthos*
In total, ca. 7000 zooplanktonic species have been described for the World Ocean. This figure represents less than 4% of the total number of known marine organisms. Of the 7000 zooplanktonic speciesExpand
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