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Inflatable Evergreen Polar Zone Dome (EPZD) Settlements
Sustaining human life at the Earth antipodal Polar Regions is very difficult especially during Winter when water-freezing air temperature, blizzards and whiteouts make normal human existenceExpand
Estimated Benefits of Variable-Geometry Wing Camber Control for Transport Aircraft
Analytical benefits of variable-camber capability on subsonic transport aircraft are explored. Using aerodynamic performance models, including drag as a function of deflection angle for controlExpand
Kinetic Space Towers and Launchers
Inflatable ‘Evergreen’ dome settlements for Earth’s Polar Regions
Sustaining human life in the Earth’s Polar Regions is very difficult especially during wintertime when low air temperature, strong wind and “whiteouts” make normal existence dangerous. To counterExpand
Utilization of Wind Energy at High Altitude
  • A. Bolonkin
  • Environmental Science, Physics
  • 16 August 2004
Ground based, wind energy extraction systems have reached their maximum capability. The limitations of current designs are: wind instability, high cost of installations, and small power output of aExpand
Non-rocket space launch and flight
At present, rockets are used for launches and flights into space. They have been intensively developed since World War II when the German engineer F. Von Braun designed the first long distance rocketExpand
Cheap Artificial AB-Mountains, Extraction of Water and Energy from Atmosphere and Change of Regional Climate
Author suggests and researches a new revolutionary method for changing the climates of entire countries or portions thereof, obtaining huge amounts of cheap water and energy from the atmosphere. InExpand
AB Method of Irrigation without Water (Closed-loop water cycle)
Author suggests and researches a new revolutionary idea for a closed-loop irrigation method. He offers to cover a given site by a thin closed film with controlled heat conductivity and clarityExpand
Ion Air Rocket Propulsion
The author offers a fundamentally new electric air-jet engine that can operate at cosmic speeds up to Mach 25 and higher and be ten times more economical than liquid-jet engines. Expand