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Results from the Catalina Real-time Transient Survey
We report on the results from the first six months of the Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey (CRTS). Expand
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Uniparental Markers in Italy Reveal a Sex-Biased Genetic Structure and Different Historical Strata
Located in the center of the Mediterranean landscape and with an extensive coastal line, the territory of what is today Italy has played an important role in the history of human settlements andExpand
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Polymorphic NumtS trace human population relationships
The human genome is constantly subjected to evolutionary forces which shape its architecture. Insertions of mitochondrial DNA sequences into nuclear genome (NumtS) have been described in severalExpand
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mtDNA variation in East Africa unravels the history of Afro-Asiatic groups.
East Africa (EA) has witnessed pivotal steps in the history of human evolution. Due to its high environmental and cultural variability, and to the long-term human presence there, the geneticExpand
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Traces of medieval migrations in a socially stratified population from Northern Italy. Evidence from uniparental markers and deep-rooted pedigrees
Social and cultural factors had a critical role in determining the genetic structure of Europe. Therefore, socially stratified populations may help to focus on specific episodes of EuropeanExpand
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The Catalina Sky Survey: Current and Future Work
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The Genetic Variability of APOE in Different Human Populations and Its Implications for Longevity
Human longevity is a complex phenotype resulting from the combinations of context-dependent gene-environment interactions that require analysis as a dynamic process in a cohesive ecological andExpand
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Genetic Structure of La Cabrera, Spain, from Surnames and Migration Matrices
ABSTRACT The genetic structure of La Cabrera (province of Léon, Spain), a highly isolated and inbred population (α3 = 0.00482), is analyzed by applying multivariate methods (nonmetricExpand
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Tracing Behçet's disease origins along the Silk Road: an anthropological evolutionary genetics perspective.
OBJECTIVES Behçet's disease is a multifactorial vasculitis that shows its highest prevalence in geographical areas historically involved in the Silk Road, suggesting that it might have originatedExpand
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Physical investigation of the potentially hazardous Asteroid (144898) 2004 VD17
Abstract In this paper we present the observational campaign carried out at ESO NTT and VLT in April and May 2006 to investigate the nature and the structure of the near-Earth object (144898) 2004Expand
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