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Incidence of oral habits in children with mixed dentition.
Oral habits are a frequent finding, although the cause relation to periodontitis has yet to be cleared completely, a result that does not exclude the oral habits from aetiology of the periodontal pathology. Expand
Clinical and microbiological parameters in patients with self-ligating and conventional brackets during early phase of orthodontic treatment.
Backet design does not seem to have a strong influence on periodontal clinical parameters andperiodontal pathogens in subgingival plaque, and the correlation between some periodontic pathogens and clinical periodontAL parameters was weak. Expand
Pre-term delivery and periodontal disease: a case-control study from Croatia.
There are strong indicators that periodontal therapy should form a part of preventive prenatal care in Croatia, andperiodontal disease represents a strong, independent, and clinically significant risk factor for PTB in the studied cohort. Expand
Coronally advanced flap alone or with connective tissue graft in the treatment of single gingival recession defects: a long-term randomized clinical trial.
The CAF+CTG procedure provided better long-term outcomes (60 months postoperatively) than CAF alone and both surgical procedures were effective in the treatment of single Miller Class I and II GR defects. Expand
Reasons for extraction of permanent teeth in urban and rural populations of Croatia.
Dental caries and its sequel remain the most important challenge for the dental service and education of both the population and the general dental practitioners must be conducted in order to improve oral hygiene and to insist on conservative rather than extraction therapy. Expand
Dental health of elderly in retirement homes of two cities in south Croatia--a cross-sectional study.
The elderly population in retirement homes in South Croatia has poor dental health, and calls for action to improve dental health and implement some special features in the dental health service programs for the institutionalised elderly. Expand
The significance of salivary and serum interleukin 6 and basic fibroblast growth factor levels in patients with Sjögren's syndrome.
Elevated levels of salivary IL-6 and bFGF in patients with SS when compared to the healthy controls were found, and it might speculate that higher levels of SalivaryIL- 6 and b FGF in Patients with SS might originate from local production probably having source in thesalivary glands. Expand
Apical leakage of five root canal sealers after one year of storage.
A fluid transport model study was used to compare the sealing ability of five root canal sealers on 60 single-rooted teeth after 1 yr of storage, and Apexit leaked significantly more than AH Plus and Ketac-Endo and Diaket showed no significant difference. Expand
The effect of two different bracket types on the salivary levels of S mutans and S sobrinus in the early phase of orthodontic treatment.
The number of colony-forming units of S mutans and S sobrinus in stimulated saliva samples does not seem to be significantly different between patients with stainless steel brackets and patients with plastic brackets. Expand
Periodontal and Prosthetic Aspect of Biological Width Part I: Violation of Biologic Width
This review gives the wide aspect of the complex question of biologic width and represents an attempt to answer some of the demands in relation to it. First of all, it debates the problems that occurExpand