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Clonal evolution of glioblastoma under therapy
In recurrent GBM with wild-type IDH1, high LTBP4 expression is associated with worse prognosis, highlighting the TGF-β pathway as a potential therapeutic target in GBM. Expand
A universal characterization of higher algebraic K-theory
In this paper we establish a universal characterization of higher algebraic K-theory in the setting of small stable infinity categories. Specifically, we prove that connective algebraic K-theory isExpand
These notes are intended as a slightly idiosyncratic guide to notions of point-set topology and basic algebraic topology which will to some degree be taken as a matter of course during the firstExpand
Verifying computations with state
Pantry composes proof-based verifiable computation with untrusted storage: the client expresses its computation in terms of digests that attest to state, and verifiably outsources that computation. Expand
Taking Proof-Based Verified Computation a Few Steps Closer to Practicality
We describe GINGER, a built system for unconditional, general-purpose, and nearly practical verification of outsourced computation. GINGER is based on PEPPER, which uses the PCP theorem andExpand
Efficient RAM and control flow in verifiable outsourced computation
Buffet allows the programmer to express programs in an expansive subset of C (disallowing only “goto” and function pointers), can handle essentially any example in the verifiable computation literature, and achieves the best performance in the area by multiple orders of magnitude. Expand
Operadic multiplications in equivariant spectra, norms, and transfers
We study homotopy-coherent commutative multiplicative structures on equivariant spaces and spectra. We define N-infinity operads, equivariant generalizations of E-infinity operads. Algebras inExpand
Privacy and accountability for location-based aggregate statistics
This paper develops and evaluates PrivStats, a system for computing aggregate statistics over location data that simultaneously achieves two properties: first, provable guarantees on location privacy even in the face of any side information about users known to the server, and second, privacy-preserving accountability. Expand
The localization sequence for the algebraic K-theory of topological K-theory
We verify a conjecture of Rognes by establishing a localization cofiber sequence of spectra $K(\mathbb{Z})\to K(ku)\to K(KU) \to\Sigma K(\mathbb{Z})$ for the algebraic K-theory of topologicalExpand
Resolving the conflict between generality and plausibility in verified computation
It is argued that many of the next research questions in verified computation are questions in secure systems, and it is shown that Quadratic Arithmetic Programs, a new formalism for representing computations efficiently, can yield a particularly efficient PCP that integrates easily into the core protocols. Expand