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Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder: value of inferior glenohumeral ligament signal changes on T2-weighted fat-saturated images.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to evaluate the performance of MRI for the diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis using signal intensity changes of the inferior glenohumeral ligament onExpand
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Pathologic conditions of the hypothenar eminence: evaluation with multidetector CT and MR imaging.
Pain, weakness, and sensory loss occur frequently in the hypothenar eminence. However, clinical examination is difficult and nonspecific, and the prescribed imaging technique may be inadequate, orExpand
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Imaging of the painful lower limb stump.
Several postoperative complications associated with pain may develop in the stump of an amputated lower limb. Clinical findings are often nonspecific; however, radiologic evaluation, especially withExpand
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CT image quality improvement using adaptive iterative dose reduction with wide-volume acquisition on 320-detector CT
ObjectivesTo evaluate the impact of Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR) on image quality and radiation dose in phantom and patient studies.MethodsA phantom was examined in volumetric mode on aExpand
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Imaging of diaphragmatic injury: a diagnostic challenge?
Diaphragmatic injuries occur in 0.8%-8% of patients after blunt trauma. Although the diagnosis may be obvious at standard chest radiography or computed tomography (CT) in most situations, some moreExpand
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Recent mortality trends in the U.S.S.R.: new evidence.
Demographic data on mortality, recently published in the Soviet Union make it possible to obtain a more accurate picture of some aspects of the demographic situation in that country about whichExpand
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Spiral-computed tomography versus pulmonary angiography in the diagnosis of acute massive pulmonary embolism.
Abstract Similar to imaging and Doppler echocardiography, which permit assessment of cardiovascular compromise, 6 spiral CT represents a safe and effective diagnostic tool for acute and massiveExpand
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T2 mapping of rat patellar cartilage.
PURPOSE To investigate the usefulness of magnetic resonance (MR) T2 mapping in characterizing the evolution of cartilage matrix content and thickness during the maturation and aging process. Expand
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La transition démographique dans les Républiques orientales d'URSS
Blum Alain.— La transition demografica en las Republicas Orientales de la Union Sovietica. Tradicionalmente, las diferencias regionales de la fecundidad eran muy importantes en la Union Sovietica,Expand
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Evaluation of the diagnostic performance of tomosynthesis in fractures of the wrist.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to define the diagnostic value of tomosynthesis compared with standard radiography and CT in wrist injuries. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred consecutiveExpand
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