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Identifying the Stable Polymorph Early in the Drug Discovery–Development Process
The thermodynamically most stable polymorph under ambient conditions is almost without exception the most desirable crystalline form for development by a pharmaceutical company. It is, therefore,Expand
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Semi‐empirical relationships between effective mobility, charge, and molecular weight of pharmaceuticals by pressure‐assisted capillary electrophoresis: Applications in drug discovery
Relationships between effective mobility (meff), calculated charge (Zc), and molecular weight (MW) are semi‐empirically derived for pharmaceuticals using pressure‐assisted capillary electrophoresisExpand
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Comparison of a rational vs. high throughput approach for rapid salt screening and selection
In recent years, high throughput (HT) screening has become the most widely used approach for early phase salt screening and selection in a drug discovery/development setting. The purpose of thisExpand
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Rapid, small-scale determination of organic solvent solubility using a thermogravimetric analyzer.
A rapid gravimetric method for determining drug candidate solubility in organic solvents has been developed. The scale, speed, precision, and accuracy of the method make it ideal for solubilityExpand
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2-Naphthoic acid at 153 K.
The structure of 2-naphthoic acid, C11H8O2, has been investigated at 153 K in order to determine the degree of disorder of the carboxylic acid group for comparison with that of the room-temperatureExpand
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Redetermination of sodium cerium(III) sulfate monohydrate, NaCe(SO4)2.H2O.
The structure of sodium cerium sulfate monohydrate, NaCeIII(SO4)2.H2O, comprises distorted NaO6 octahedra, CeO9 polyhedra in the form of distorted tricapped trigonal prisms, and slightly irregularExpand
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One-solvent polymorph screen of carbamazepine.
To emphasize the fact that solvents can be either critical or immaterial in crystallizing specific polymorphs, a method for obtaining multiple polymorphs of a compound using only one solvent isExpand
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Automated approach to couple solubility with final pH and crystallinity for pharmaceutical discovery compounds.
The design and validation of a novel high-throughput system for thermodynamic solubility determination requiring only 5 mg of sample is described. The system uses a sintered nickel filter assembly toExpand
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Structure of hexaaquacopper(II) bromate.
[Cu(H2O)6](BrO3)2, Mr = 427.44, cubic, Pa3, a = 10.3240 (6) A, V = 1100.38 (4) A3, Z = 4, Dx = 2.580 g cm-3, lambda (Mo K alpha) = 0.71073 A, mu = 92.32 cm-1, F(000) = 828, T = 296 K, R = 0.038 forExpand
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