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Identifying the Stable Polymorph Early in the Drug Discovery–Development Process
A screen for discovering the stable polymorph of a pharmaceutical compound early in the drug discovery–development process is developed and described and Ritonavir and an early development candidate are used as model compounds to demonstrate the utility of the screen.
Semi‐empirical relationships between effective mobility, charge, and molecular weight of pharmaceuticals by pressure‐assisted capillary electrophoresis: Applications in drug discovery
The meff, Zc/MWx relationships were applied to developing a technique for selecting an appropriate pH to achieve optimal separation of pharmaceuticals and determining the maximum charge of a molecule in the pH range of determination of negative log of the dissociation constants by PACE, thus enabling the correct choice of model equation to be automated without structure analysis.
Discovery of APD334: Design of a Clinical Stage Functional Antagonist of the Sphingosine-1-phosphate-1 Receptor.
APD334 is a potent functional antagonist of S1P1 and has a favorable PK/PD profile, producing robust lymphocyte lowering at relatively low plasma concentrations in several preclinical species.
Redetermination of sodium cerium(III) sulfate monohydrate, NaCe(SO4)2.H2O.
The data establish that the lack of correction for absorption in the previous study of the Ce salt, rather than some intrinsic property of theCe salt, is responsible for the displacement parameter discrepancies.
2-Naphthoic acid at 153 K.
Comparisons of the geometric parameters of the carboxyl groups at 296 and 153 K suggest progress toward a fully ordered structure at the lower temperature, as in the room-temperature study.
Stable-form screening: overcoming trace impurities that inhibit solution-mediated phase transformation to the stable polymorph of sulfamerazine.
Critical factors considered were modifying the solvent to increase solubility, minimizing the level of impurity in the slurries, pre-treatment of the solid to quickly reach maximum supersaturation, and temperatures that optimized kinetics as well as the free energy difference between enantiotropically related polymorphs.
One-solvent polymorph screen of carbamazepine.
Design and synthesis of novel quinoxaline-2,3-dione AMPA/GlyN receptor antagonists: amino acid derivatives.
Several nonplanar analogues containing appropriate functionalities, for example, the sarcosine analogue 9, were found to retain AMPA and GlyN receptor affinity and possess improved aqueous solubility compared to PNQX.