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Dirac materials
A wide range of materials, like d-wave superconductors, graphene, and topological insulators, share a fundamental similarity: their low-energy fermionic excitations behave as massless Dirac particles
Resonating Valence Bonds and Mean-Field d-Wave Superconductivity in Graphite
We investigate the possibility of inducing superconductivity in a graphite layer by electronic correlation effects. We use a phenomenological microscopic Hamiltonian which includes nearest neighbor
RKKY coupling in graphene
We study the carrier-mediated exchange interaction, the so-called RKKY coupling, between two magnetic moments in graphene using exact diagonalization on the honeycomb lattice. By using the
Chiral d-wave superconductivity in doped graphene.
This review summarizes the currently mounting theoretical evidence for the existence of a chiral d-wave superconducting state in graphene, obtained with methods ranging from mean-field studies of effective Hamiltonians to angle-resolved renormalization group calculations.
Wilson loop approach to fragile topology of split elementary band representations and topological crystalline insulators with time-reversal symmetry
We present a general methodology toward the systematic characterization of crystalline topological insulating phases with time-reversal symmetry. In particular, taking the two-dimensional spinful h
Odd-Frequency Superconductivity in Sr_{2}RuO_{4} Measured by Kerr Rotation.
The existence of bulk even-frequency superconductivity in Sr_{2}RuO_{4} is established and an intrinsic Kerr effect is direct evidence of this state, and odd-frequency pairing arises due to finite hybridization between different orbitals in the normal state,and is further enhanced by finite interorbital pairing.
Wilson loop approach to topological crystalline insulators with time reversal symmetry
We present a general methodology to systematically characterize crystalline topological insulating phases with time reversal symmetry (TRS). In particular, we study windings of Wilson loop spectra
Self-consistent solution for proximity effect and Josephson current in ballistic graphene SNS Josephson junctions
We use a tight-binding Bogoliubov\char21{}de Gennes (BdG) formalism to self-consistently calculate the proximity effect, Josephson current, and local density of states in ballistic graphene
Odd-frequency superconducting pairing and subgap density of states at the edge of a two-dimensional topological insulator without magnetism
We investigate the emergence and consequences of odd-frequency spin-triplet s-wave pairing in superconducting hybrid junctions at the edge of a two-dimensional topological insulator without any mag
Strongly anharmonic current-phase relation in ballistic graphene Josephson junctions
Motivated by a recent experiment directly measuring the current-phase relation (CPR) in graphene under the influence of a superconducting proximity effect, we here study the temperature dependence of