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Halo dermatitis around tumours.
Circular dermatitis around different benign or malignant lesions were examined in 19 patients and the central lesions were macroscopically unaffected by the surrounding inflammation. Expand
Itching from wool fibres in atopic dermatitis
In 24 girls with atopic dermatitis and a history of irritation to wool, more intense itching was provoked on normal skin on the abdomen by a material with coarse wool fibres (36μm) than with thinnerExpand
Echo and Reverb: Fabricating Space in Popular Music Recording, 1900-1960 (review)
him as anyone else was. The analyses here convey little of the richness and, in particular, unexpectedness of texture that we find in music of this period. They are analyses conducted on paper, andExpand
Betamethasone-17, 21-dipropionate ointment : an effective topical preparation in lichen ruber planus
SummaryA clinical evaluation was carried out in 19 patients with lichen ruber planus to assess the effectiveness of 0.05% betamethasone-17,21-dipropionate ointment in the treatment of patients whoseExpand
‘Teach you to rock’? Popular music in the university music department
During the last decades in most Western countries music education on all levels has undergone significant changes. In response to changes in the musical field in society at large, various popularExpand
Structural relationships of music and images in music video
In the course of the last decade, the body of writing on music video has grown to sizeable proportions. The reason for the present addition to this bulk of literature, in spite of the subjectExpand