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Factors affecting surgical outcome of endoscopic third ventriculostomy in congenital hydrocephalus
Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is an accepted modality of treatment for obstructive hydrocephalus, with good results in adult patients. However in the pediatric age group results vary fromExpand
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Systematic scientific study of 1, 3-oxazole derivatives as a useful lead for pharmaceuticals: A review
Oxazole contain an oxygen atom and a pyridine type nitrogen atom at the 1 and 3 positions of the ring and like pyridine, oxazole are weekly basic substances. Oxazole be considered as derived fromExpand
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Successful Surgical Excision of a Nondysraphic Holodorsal Intramedullary Lipoma in a 14-Month-Old Child
Introduction: Nondysraphic intramedullary lipomas of the spinal cord are rare lesions. They are most commonly seen in the second or third decade of life. Their occurrence in the pediatric age groupExpand
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A cost effectiveness based safety and efficacy study of resterilized intra-parenchymal catheter based intracranial pressure monitoring in developing world
Background: The management of traumatic brain injury (TBI) aims to maintain the normal cerebral perfusion in spite of the mass lesions that may occur (haematoma, contusion, and oedema). TheExpand
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Histological changes in thalamus in short term survivors following traumatic brain injury: an autopsy study.
BACKGROUND Severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Reduction of thalamic volumes were seen in upto 80% of patients who survived for more than 3 months afterExpand
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In silico- internet and analogue based drug design of new anticancer agent
This paper deals with the SAR (Structure Activity Relationship) study and pharmacophore based drug design approaches with the use of free internet based tools which are much user friendly and almost compatible with any platform. Expand
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Cytomorphology of tumoral calcinosis: a case report.
This paper describes the clinical, radiological and cytomorphological findings of tumoral calcinosis in a twelve-year old boy with normal serum calcium levels and simultaneous involvement of theExpand
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Chemistry and activity of quinazoline moiety: A systematic review study
Quinazoline is a compound with amalgamated heterocyclic system popular for their biological activities. Quinazoline is a compound made up six membered fused aromatic rings i,e a benzene ring withExpand
A rare case of jugular foramen meningioma.