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Prioritization and Conservation of Himalayan Medicinal Plants: Angelica glauca Edgew. as a Case Study
The present study broadly supports the need for conservation initiatives for Himalayan medicinal plants. An approach is set up for prioritization grading of the importance of medicinal plants that isExpand
Efficiency evaluation of routing protocols for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks using city scenario
Evaluating the efficiency of two routing protocols one is proactive (Table-driven) OLSR protocol and another reactive (On-demand) AOMDV by comparing their performances in the city scenario for the map of city of Arlington, Texas using NS-2. Expand
Current status and future strategy for development of medicinal plants sector in Uttaranchal, India
A collaborative work plan involving scientists, government institutions and non-governmental organizations is suggested for preserving the traditional knowledge system and practices, conservation of medicinal plants and upliftment of the rural economy of this mountain state. Expand
Population change of Trillium govanianum (Melanthiaceae) amid altered indigenous harvesting practices in the Indian Himalayas.
Gathering of T. govanianum from wild populations is unselective and unmanaged, raising the potential threat of local extinctions, and a status of 'threatened' is justified for the species in the Indian Himalayan region. Expand
Assessment of status and biomass of Swertia angustifolia : a high value Himalayan medicinal plant
The biomass showed peak value in senescence phase and thus has positive consequences of harvesting for the survival of the species, which is the indicator of better potential of the Species in these sites. Expand
Trillium – toward Sustainable Utilization of a Biologically Distinct Genus Valued for Traditional Medicine
Findings indicate that the biology of the genus is well explored and the reproductive constraints are well recognized, and suggestions for conservation and sustainable utilization are offered. Expand
Note on somatic embryogenesis and synthetic seed production in Angelica glauca: A valuable medicinal plant of Himalaya
This is the first report of somatic embryogenesis and synthetic seed production in Angelica glauca, a valuable medicinal plant of Himalaya, and the evaluation of synthetic seeds are under progress. Expand
Development of an Automated Water Quality Classification Model for the River Ganga
The results concluded that the random forest model outperforms all other classifiers with a great accuracy rate of 100% in both approaches and least error rate when developed using the second approach. Expand
Population status, threats, and conservation options of the orchid Dactylorhiza hatagirea in Indian Western Himalaya
Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D. Don) Soo (Orchidaceae) is a critically endangered high-value medicinal plant collected from wild and extensively used against diabetes, cuts/wound healing, gastricExpand
Assessment of reproductive potential of different populations of Angelica glauca Edgew., a critically endangered Himalayan Medicinal Herb
Angelica glauca is one of the important medicinal plants and it is widely used by indigenous communities for different purposes. The present study analyzes variability in reproductive characters ofExpand