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Linking manufacturing strategy to the design of a customized hybrid production control system
Abstract In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to manufacturing strategy. Considerable work has been done in defining market-driven competitive priorities as part of manufacturingExpand
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Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and regression models for sediment loss prediction from Banha watershed in India
Abstract Two Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models, one geomorphology-based (GANN) and another non-geomorphology-based (NGANN) for the prediction of sediment yield were developed and validated usingExpand
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Subsurface drainage performance study using SALTMOD and ANN models
Abstract Relative performance of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and the conceptual model SALTMOD was studied in simulating subsurface drainage effluent and root zone soil salinity in the coastalExpand
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Hyperspectral Radiometry to Quantify the Grades of Iron Ores of Noamundi and Joda Mines, Eastern India
This paper present the results of a preliminary study to assess the potential of the visible, NIR and SWIR energy of the EMR in differentiating iron ores of different grades in a rapid manner usingExpand
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Land Drainage: Principles, Methods and Applications
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Optimization of continuous casting mould oscillation parameters in steel manufacturing process using genetic algorithms
A Genetic Algorithm is applied to optimize the amplitude, frequency, and waveform of the oscillation of the continuous casting mould based on objective functions that maximize the lubrication, and minimize the depth of oscillation marks. Expand
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Optimization of Oscillation Parameters in Continuous Casting Process of Steel Manufacturing: Genetic Algorithms versus Differential Evolution
Continuous casting is a critical step in the steel manufacturing process where molten metal is solidified in the form of slabs of rectangular cross-section. Minor variations in this step can impactExpand
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Parallel differential evolution approach for cloud workflow placements under simultaneous optimization of multiple objectives
This work describes parallelization, on the same cluster, of a Multi-Objective Differential Evolution method (NSDE-II) for optimization of workflow placement, and the attendant speedups that bring the implicit accuracy of the method into the realm of practical utility.The recent rapid expansion of Cloud computing facilities triggers an attendant challenge to facility providers and users for methods for optimal placement of workflows on distributed resources. Expand
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Stochastic study of the wind-energy potential of India
Stochastic analyses of hourly wind-energy data for each day of the year were performed at seven representaive weather stations in India. The goal was to develop a probability model for wind data andExpand
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Recognition of Fault Signature Patterns Using Fuzzy Logic for Prevention of Breakdowns in Steel Continuous Casting Process
In the continuous casting process of steel, a thin solid shell gradually forms around the cooling copper mould inner perimeter as liquid steel flows through it. Expand
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