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On the circle polynomials of Zernike and related orthogonal sets
The paper is concerned with the construction of polynomials in two variables, which form a complete orthogonal set for the interior of the unit circle and which are ‘invariant in form’ with respectExpand
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Ultrasonic Absorption: An Introduction to the Theory of Sound Absorption and Dispersion in Gases, Liquids and Solids
Ultrasonic absorption: an introduction to the theory of sound absorption and dispersion in gases, liquids, and solids , Ultrasonic absorption: an introduction to the theory of sound absorption andExpand
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Thermodynamic Properties of Compound Forming Molten Alloys in a Weak Interaction Approximation
Abstract It is shown that the expressions derived in a previous paper for the free energy of mixing and other thermodynamic quantities for compound forming molten alloys simplify considerably if theExpand
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A quasi-lattice theory for compound forming molten alloys
Abstract The complex formation model of Bhatia and Hargrove (BH) to explain the thermodynamic properties of compound forming A-B alloys is reformulated using a quasi-lattice picture. The formulationExpand
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Short Range Order and Concentration Fluctuations in Regular and Compound Forming Molten Alloys
Abstract First, a statistical mechanical model is developed for compound forming molten alloys with the aim that it explains both the concentration dependence of the thermodynamic quantities-freeExpand
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Scattering of High‐Frequency Sound Waves in Polycrystalline Materials
The calculations of a previous paper, which were based on a simplification in that the effective elastic properties of each grain were described by just Lame's two elastic constants, are generalizedExpand
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Number-Concentration structure factors and their long wavelength limit in multicomponent fluid mixtures
Abstract Structure factors, similar to the number-concentration structure factors of a binary alloy, are introduced for multicomponent mixtures. Expressions for the long wavelength limit of theseExpand
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