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Ivan Pavlov. A Russian Life in Science
Ivan Pavlov. A Russian Life in Science By Daniel P. Todes. Oxford University Press USA. 2014. £25.00 (hb). 880 pp. ISBN: 9780199925193 The great Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov (1849–1936) isExpand
A Disquieting Feeling of Strangeness?: The Art of the Mentally Ill
  • A. Beveridge
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • 1 November 2001
Two major factors contributed to the awakening interest in the art of the insane—the Romantic movement, which identified madness as an exalted state allowing access to hidden realms; and the emergence of the asylum, which provided a location for the production of patient-art. Expand
Madness in Victorian Edinburgh: a study of patients admitted to the Royal Edinburgh Asylum under Thomas Clouston, 1873-1908 Part II
The classification of mental disease preoccupied Victorian alienists and many systems were proposed throughout the nineteenth century but the Edinburgh contribution to the classification debate was the system outlined by Skae (1863) and extended by Clouston (1873a, 1876a). Expand
Mental illness and the late Victorians: a study of patients admitted to three asylums in York, 1880-1884.
The case histories of the patients newly admitted to the Retreat Asylum in York between 1880-1884 were examined, and the characteristics, alleged causes of mental illness, and treatment and outcome were compared with those of patients admitted during the same period to the two other York asylums. Expand
Console and Classify: The French Psychiatric Profession in the Nineteenth Century
This book is a reprint of a classic work of historical scholarship, which examines key figures and events in the history of French psychiatry. Although the names of Pinel, Esquirol and Charcot areExpand
Images of madness in the films of Walt Disney
Disney's work has not been subjected to serious examination because it has been primarily regarded as entertainment for children, which is surprising in view of the current debate about the influence of the media on children. Expand
Life in the Asylum: patients' letters from Morningside, 1873-1908
  • A. Beveridge
  • History, Medicine
  • History of psychiatry
  • 1 December 1998
I feel I cannot stand this place a minute longer and soon I shall lose the brains I had, and not be able to interest myself in others and everything that goes on in the world. The monotony andExpand
Pathologist of the Mind: Adolf Meyer and the Origins of American Psychiatry
  • A. Beveridge
  • Psychology
  • British Journal of Psychiatry
  • 1 August 2015
Pathologist of the Mind: Adolf Meyer and the Origins of American Psychiatry By S. D. Lamb. The Johns Hopkins University Press. 2014. US$44.95 (hb). 299 pp. ISBN 9781421414843 In the first half ofExpand
I drink, therefore I am: alcohol and creativity
How alcoholic excess has been approached by writers and artists, both in terms of their personal experience and how they have subsequently portrayed it is examined. Expand
Portrait of the Psychiatrist as a Young Man: The Early Writing and Work of R.D. Laing, 1927-1960
PART I 1. Portrait of the psychiatrist as a young man 1927-1960 2. Portrait of the psychiatrist as an intellectual. Laing's early, notebooks, personal library, essays, papers, and talks 3. Laing andExpand