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Estimating the Rock Volume Bias in Paleobiodiversity Studies
Data from New Zealand indicate that outcrop area is likely to be a reliable proxy of rock volume in both stable cratonic regions, where the paleobiodiversity record is strongly correlated with relative sea level, and on tectonically active margins.
A Revised Calibration of the New Zealand Geological Timescale: NZGT2015
The New Zealand Geological Timescale is a regional geochronological timescale for the Permian to Pleistocene and comprises a sequence of stages defined in New Zealand outcrop sections. The local
Marine Mollusca of oxygen isotope stages of the last 2 million years in New Zealand. Part 1: Revised generic positions and recognition of warm‐water and cool‐water migrants
Abstract Warm‐water molluscs were transported to Wanganui Basin from the northeastern North Island during Pleistocene time as planktotrophic larvae. This is not possible at present, so their
Rise and Fall of Species Occupancy in Cenozoic Fossil Mollusks
The occupancy histories of Cenozoic marine mollusks from New Zealand show a distinct pattern of increase to relatively short-lived peak occupancy at mid-duration, followed by a decline toward extinction.
Late Holocene uplift of beach ridges at Turakirae Head, south Wellington coast, New Zealand
Abstract Holocene terraces at Turakirae Head on the south coast of the North Island, New Zealand, record four recent earthquakes from simultaneous rupture of the Wairarapa Fault and flexure of the
New Zealand Geological Timescale NZGT 2015/1
An updated age calibration of the New Zealand Geological Timescale, NZGT 2015/1, is presented. This incorporates local stage reassessments and recent international chronostratigraphic calibrations.
New Chlamys delicatula localities in the central North Island and uplift of the Ruahine Range
Abstract The scallop Chlamys (Zygochlamys) delicatula (Hutton) now lives mainly in the subantarctic area south of New Zealand, and is common only as far north as Otago Peninsula. The limits of its