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Realistic time-reversal invariant topological insulators with neutral atoms.
An original method to synthesize a gauge field in the near field of an atom chip, which effectively mimics the effects of spin-orbit coupling and produces quantum spin-Hall states is introduced.
Controlling and measuring quantum transport of heat in trapped-ion crystals.
It is shown how to efficiently control and measure this current, including fluctuations, by coupling vibrons to internal ion states, which demonstrates that ion crystals provide an ideal platform for studying quantum transport, e.g., through thermal analogues of quantum wires and quantum dots.
Electron-mediated nuclear-spin interactions between distant nitrogen-vacancy centers.
The proposed scheme couples nuclear qubits employing the magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between the electron spins and benefits from the suppression of the effect of environmental magnetic field fluctuations thanks to a strong microwave driving.
Assessing the progress of trapped-ion processors towards fault-tolerant quantum computation
Large-scale numerical analysis shows that two-species trapped-ion crystals in high-optical aperture segmented traps, with the improvements hereby described, are a very promising candidate for fault-tolerant quantum computation.
Exact mapping of the 2+1 Dirac oscillator onto the Jaynes-Cummings model: Ion-trap experimental proposal
We study the dynamics of the $2+1$ Dirac oscillator exactly and find spin oscillations due to a Zitterbewegung of purely relativistic origin. We find an exact mapping of this quantum-relativistic
Topology-induced anomalous defect production by crossing a quantum critical point.
This work shows how the appearance of certain edge states, which fully characterize the topology of the system, dramatically modifies the process of defect production during the crossing of the critical point.
Synthetic gauge fields for vibrational excitations of trapped ions.
It is shown that the vibrational couplings may be tailored by using a gradient of the trap frequencies together with a periodic driving of the trapping potentials to induce effective gauge fields on the vibratory excitations, such that phonons mimic the behavior of charged particles in a magnetic field.
Intertwined topological phases induced by emergent symmetry protection
A model where the symmetry needed for a symmetry-protected topological phase only emerges after the formation of long-range order is presented, paving the way for further exploration of exotic topological features in strongly-correlated quantum systems.
Robust trapped-ion quantum logic gates by continuous dynamical decoupling
We introduce a scheme that combines phonon-mediated quantum logic gates in trapped ions with the benefits of continuous dynamical decoupling. We demonstrate theoretically that a strong driving of the
Competing many-body interactions in systems of trapped ions
We propose and theoretically analyze an experimental configuration in which lasers induce three-spin interactions between trapped ions. By properly choosing the intensities and frequencies of the