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The Aesthetics of Environment
Preface Acknowledgments 1. Environment as a Challenge to Aesthetics 2. The Aesthetic Sense of Environment 3. Descriptive Aesthetics 4. Scenes from a Connecticut Landscape: Four Studies in DescriptiveExpand
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Art and engagement
Illustrations Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: Aesthetics and Experience 1. Experience and Theory in Aesthetics 2. The Unity of Aesthetic Experience Part II: Engagement in the Arts 3. TheExpand
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Aesthetics and Environment: Variations on a Theme
These essays comprise a set of variations on art and culture guided by the theme of the environment. The essays deal with the physical reality of the environment such as the city, the shore, theExpand
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Living in the Landscape: Toward an Aesthetics of Environment
In "Living in the Landscape" Arnold Berleant explores new ways of thinking about how we live and might live in the landscapes that enfold us. Through the concepts of "aesthetic engagement" andExpand
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Aesthetics beyond the Arts: New and Recent Essays
Contents: Preface: towards an aesthetics beyond art Part I The Arts as Experience: Judging architecture What titles don't tell What music isn't and how to teach it. Part II Environmental Aesthetics:Expand
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Aesthetic perception in environmental design
A feeding and cutting device in which a continuous web of sheet material provided with spaced transverse central slits is step advanced by feeding means along a web path to cutting means comprising a movable blade and a stationary blade arranged on opposite sides of said web path on a fixed cutting plane substantially at right angles to it. Expand
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Re-thinking Aesthetics
This paper proposes a radical re-examination of the foundations of modern aesthetics. It urges that we replace the tradition of eighteenth century aesthetics, with its insistence on disinterestednessExpand
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Art, Terrorism and the Negative Sublime
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