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The Elasticity of a Single Supercoiled DNA Molecule
Single linear DNA molecules were bound at multiple sites at one extremity to a treated glass cover slip and at the other to a magnetic bead. The DNA was therefore torsionally constrained. A magneticExpand
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Alignment and sensitive detection of DNA by a moving interface.
In a process called "molecular combining," DNA molecules attached at one end to a solid surface were extended and aligned by a receding air-water interface and left to dry on the surface. MolecularExpand
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Xenobiotic-inducible expression of murine glutathione S-transferase Ya subunit gene is controlled by an electrophile-responsive element.
Glutathione S-transferase (GST) Ya subunit gene expression is induced in mammalian tissues by two types of chemical agents: (i) planar aromatic compounds (e.g., 3-methylcholanthrene,Expand
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pH-dependent specific binding and combing of DNA.
Recent developments in the rapid sequencing, mapping, and analysis of DNA rely on the specific binding of DNA to specially treated surfaces. We show here that specific binding of DNA via itsExpand
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Dynamic molecular combing: stretching the whole human genome for high-resolution studies.
DNA in amounts representative of hundreds of eukaryotic genomes was extended on silanized surfaces by dynamic molecular combing. The precise measurement of hybridized DNA probes was achieved directlyExpand
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Quantitative DNA fiber mapping.
The assembly of sequence ready, high-resolution physical maps and construction of minimally overlapping contigs for the human as well as model genomes requires accurate determination of the extent ofExpand
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Detection of curvilinear objects in biological noisy image using feature-adapted fast slant stack
This paper presents a new method for computing the Feature-adapted Radon and Beamlet transforms [1] in a fast and accurate way. These two transforms can be used for detecting features running alongExpand
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Quantifying single gene copy number by measuring fluorescent probe lengths on combed genomic DNA.
An approach was developed for the quantification of subtle gains and losses of genomic DNA. The approach relies on a process called molecular combing. Molecular combing consists of the extension andExpand
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Regulatory elements controlling the basal and drug-inducible expression of glutathione S-transferase Ya subunit gene.
The synthesis of the glutathione S-transferase Ya subunit is induced in the mammalian liver by chemicals such as phenobarbital and 3-methylcholanthrene. To study the mechanism of this induction, theExpand
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High-resolution comparative hybridization to combed DNA fibers
Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) has proven to be a comprehensive new tool to detect genetic imbalances in genomic DNA. However, the resolution of this method carried out on normal humanExpand
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