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Hypersensitivity to mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) in patients with peach allergy is due to a common lipid transfer protein allergen and is often without clinical expression.
BACKGROUND The observation of mugwort-specific IgE antibodies in patients with peach allergy suggests that mugwort sensitization might play a role in sensitization to peach. OBJECTIVE We sought toExpand
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A unified action for higher spin gauge bosons from covariant string theory
Abstract Using concepts from string theory, a unified action containing gauge fields of every integer spin is constructed.
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Presence of CD30(+) and CD30L(+) cells in human placenta and soluble CD30 levels in cord blood are independent of maternal atopy.
The intrauterine environment is characterized by a Th2 dominance during pregnancy, a milieu that also promotes atopic allergy. The aim of this study was to compare the presence of CD30, a moleculeExpand
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Cubic interaction terms for arbitrary spin
Abstract Using the light-cone formulation of dynamics, we construct cubic self-interaction terms for massless fields of arbitrary helicity λ. The coupling constants have dimension [length]λ−1 andExpand
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Cubic interaction terms for arbitrarily extended supermultiplets
Abstract Using a light-cone superspace formalism we construct cubic interaction terms for all maximally extended supersymmetry multiplets where the maximum helicity λ is an integer. The couplingExpand
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Sensitization to the major allergen of Brazil nut is correlated with the clinical expression of allergy.
BACKGROUND Only a few studies have investigated the clinical role of food allergens, especially the relationship between sensitization to a given allergen and occurrence of adverse reactions whenExpand
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Lipid transfer protein and vicilin are important walnut allergens in patients not allergic to pollen.
BACKGROUND Walnut is the most common cause of allergic reactions to tree nuts, as reported by large population studies. Two major allergens of walnut have been identified up until now: a 2S albuminExpand
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In vitro assessment of a new ABO immunosorbent with synthetic carbohydrates attached to sepharose
Transplantation across the ABO barrier is sometimes done in cases of emergency, such as acute liver failure, but is also carried out in elective cases, e.g. kidneys from living donors. Reducing theExpand
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Interacting higher-spin gauge fields on the light front
In the light-front formulation of particle dynamics the authors introduce transverse creation and annihilation operators. Using these they formulate a free-field theory containing all masslessExpand
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BRST approach to interacting higher-spin gauge fields
A comprehensive approach to the problem of constructing a consistent classical field theory of interacting higher-spin gauge fields is presented. BRST techniques are used similar to those used inExpand
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