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Differential Voting Weights and Relational Egalitarianism
Two prominent relational egalitarians, Elizabeth Anderson and Niko Kolodny, object to giving people in a democratic community differential voting weights on the grounds that doing so would lead toExpand
On the Possibility (and Acceptability) of Paternalism towards Future People
This article argues that it is possible to act paternalistically towards future people, as long as the following requirements are met: (1) the act/choice is not such that it will prevent the futureExpand
Where Democracy Should Be: On the Site(s) of the All-Subjected Principle
In this paper, I set out to defend the claim that a central principle in democratic theory, the all-subjected principle, applies not only when one is subject to a rule by a state but also when one isExpand
Dead People and the All-Affected Principle
The All-Affected Principle and the Question of Asymmetry
As a solution to the boundary problem, the question of who should take part in making democratic decisions, the all-affected principle has gained widespread support. An unexplored issue in relation...