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The distributed ASCI Supercomputer project
The paper gives a preview of the most interesting research results obtained so far in the DAS project. Expand
VLE-WFBus: A Scientific Workflow Bus for Multi e-Science Domains
Different options to derive a generic workflow management system from domain specific implementations are discussed, and a workflow bus based solution is proposed, called VLE-WFBus, which promotes a generic framework for different e-Science domains. Expand
Distributed Computing on an Ensemble of Browsers
A new approach to distributed computing with Web browsers is proposed and the WeevilScout prototype framework is introduced, demonstrating how a cluster of globally distributed Internet browsers is used to compute thousands of bio-informatics tasks. Expand
Collaborative e-Science Experiments and Scientific Workflows
The authors discuss the challenges involved in supporting collaborative e-Science experiments and propose support for different phases of the scientific experimentation life cycle. Expand
Execution time estimation for workflow scheduling
The solution proposed in this paper addresses the problems at different levels from task to workflow, including the error measurement and the theory behind the estimation algorithm, and proposes the workflow reductions - the operations on a workflow graph that do not decrease the accuracy of the estimates, but simplify the graph structure, hence increasing the performance of the algorithm. Expand
VLAM-G: a grid-based virtual laboratory
The design and an implementation prototype of the VLAMG platform are described and the feasibility of the system is demonstrated by a generalized sample scenario from the chemo-physical analysis domain. Expand
VLAM-G: Interactive data driven workflow engine for Grid-enabled resources
The VLAM-G workflow management system and its core component: the Run-Time System (RTS) is presented, a dataflow driven workflow engine which utilizes Grid resources, hiding the complexity of the Grid from a scientist. Expand
Using Jade agent framework to prototype an e-Science workflow bus
The basic idea of workflow bus is presented, and the Jade agent framework can be used to prototype the runtime infrastructure of a workflow bus to integrate different e-science workflow engines via a software bus. Expand
Distributed execution of aggregated multi domain workflows using an agent framework
A semantic registry for describing workflow engines is implemented, and mobile agents are used to manage distributed workflow coordination in Dutch Virtual Laboratory for e-Science (VL-e) project. Expand
A reconfigurable and flexible parallel 3D vision system for a mobile robot
The experiment results show that a high performance low cost system may be obtained by adapting algorithms and hardware to each other especially for the vision system. Thus configurable and flexibleExpand