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A circula DNA-protein complex from adenoviruses.
Abstract DNA prepared from adenoviruses by treatment with sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) and Pronase is linear. However, several other methods gave DNA consisting of up to 70% relaxed circularExpand
VA RNAs from avian and human adenoviruses: dramatic differences in length, sequence, and gene location.
Human adenoviruses encode low-molecular-weight RNAs, so-called VA RNAs, which are transcribed by RNA polymerase III. These RNAs are required for an efficient translation of viral mRNAs late afterExpand
Some properties of the transmissible interfering component of vesicular stomatitis virus preparations.
SUMMARY: In vesicular stomatitis virus inocula containing the transmissible interfering component (T) an exponential relation, at low doses, between inoculum concentration and virus yield suggestedExpand
Replication and interaction of virus DNA and cellular DNA in mouse cells infected by a human adenovirus.
C57 black mouse cells infected with human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) produced large amounts of early virus proteins, small amounts of late virus proteins and less than 0.2 infectious units (i.u.)/cellExpand
Spontaneous, mutagen‐induced and adenovirus‐induced anchorage independent tumorigenic variants of mouse cells
Normal C57 Black mouse embryo cells did not form colonies in agarose, but rare variant (ar+) cells able to grow in agarose were detected. Fluctuation analysis showed that ar+ variants arose byExpand
Replication of the DNA of chick embryo lethal orphan virus.
Abstract Replication of the DNA of chick embryo lethal orphan virus was semi-conservative. In CsCl density gradients a portion of pulse-labelled intracellular viral DNA was more dense than mature DNAExpand
An adenovirus protein associated with the ends of replicating DNA molecules.
Abstract The adenovirus DNA-protein complex contains the linear DNA molecule and a 55K protein covalently attached to each 5′ end. We describe a simple assay for adenovirus DNA-protein complex, inExpand
Adenovirus E1b-58 kD antigen binds to p53 during infection of rodent cells: evidence for an N-terminal binding site on p53.
We show using mild extraction procedures that the p53 proto-oncogene forms a complex with adenovirus 5 E1b-58 kD during infection. These complexes are detected as coimmunoprecipitates fromExpand
The structural proteins of chick embryo lethal orphan virus (fowl adenovirus type 1).
Chick embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus (fowl adenovirus type 1) contains at least 14 structural proteins with polypeptide molecular weights ranging from 100K to about 6K. A nomenclature of the CELOExpand
Adenovirus-induced alterations of the cell growth cycle: a requirement for expression of E1A but not of E1B.
Mutants dl312, dl314, hr1, and hr3 with mutations in region E1A of adenovirus type 5 were defective for the induction of cell cycle abnormalities detectable by flow cytometry, cell DNA replication,Expand