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Successful Artificial Insemination of an Asian Elephant at the National Zoological Park
For decades, attempts to breed elephants using artificial insemination (AI) have failed despite considerable efforts and the use of various approaches. However, recent advances in equipmentExpand
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Glottalisation and neutralisation in Yemeni Arabic and Mehri : an acoustic study
We present results of a comparative acoustic analysis of pre-pausal glottalisation in San‘āni, the Arabic dialect of the old city of San‘ā, and Mahriyōt, an eastern Yemeni dialect of the Modern SouthExpand
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A detective story: emphatics in Mehri
Until 1970, Ethio-Semitic was believed to be the only Semitic language sub-family in which the main correlate of "emphasis" is glottalization, a feature said at the time to be due to CushiticExpand
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New data on the emergence of the Iron Age in south-eastern Arabia: the case of Salūt
The emergence of Iron Age complexity in south-east Arabia has been traditionally investigated via research projects that focused on sites located especially in the United Arab Emirates. Sites such asExpand
Non-native speakers (NNS) of English outnumber native speakers (NS) in the 21 Century (Crystal 2003). This shift points to increasing opportunities for the speaker of English as a Foreign LanguageExpand
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‘Middle Arabic’? Morpho-syntactic features of clashing grammars in a thirteenth-century Arabian text.
The special session in 2013, Languages of Southern Arabia, was the fifth in the Seminar for Arabian Studies special session series. This was the first special session with an explicit linguisticExpand
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The Sixteenth Manchester Phonology Meeting Abstracts Booklet a Universally Gradient Co-occurrence Restriction? a Cross-linguistic Perspective on the Role of Prosodic Structure in the Acquisition of
The abstracts are arranged in alphabetical order by the surname of the (first named) presenter. The abstracts for the oral paper sessions are presented first, followed by the abstracts for the posterExpand
Backing and glottalization in three SWAP Language varieties.
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