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Patterns of Natural Regeneration of Alien Species of Woody Plants in Novosibirsk
It has been found that 44% of species in the city also grow in the natural conditions of the Russian Far East and countries of Southeast Asia, 33% are of North American origin, and 23% are European and Eurasian range types. Expand
Ecological and biological aspects of assessing woody plants in the landscaping of Novosibirsk
The ecological and biological characteristics of woody plants growing in the most popular squares of the Novosibirsk city (Teatralny, Pervomaisky, and Slavy square) have been investigated. 73 speciesExpand
Naturalization of Prunus pensylvanica L.f. (Rosaceae) in Novosibirsk
This species was introduced in the city in the middle of the last century and is characterized by fast growth, short pregenerative period, presence of abundant uneven-aged progeny, high vegetative mobility, and local population-forming ability. Expand