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Comparison of FEM and DPB Numerical Methodologies for Dynamic Modeling of Isothermal Batch Gibbsite Crystallization
A population balance equation based dynamic gibbsite crystallization model, incorporating crystal growth, nucleation, and agglomeration, was solved using two different numerical techniques, namely, aExpand
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2-D sizing of sodium oxalate crystals by automated optical image analysis
Abstract A new automated static optical image analysis (SOIA) method was developed for characterising the shape of sodium oxalate crystals by separately measuring their length and width. TheExpand
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An Unreacted Shrinking Core Model for Calcination and Similar Solid-to-Gas Reactions
A variation on the unreacted shrinking core model has been developed for calcination and similar non-catalytic solid-to-gas decomposition reactions in which no gaseous reactant is involved and theExpand
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A multi-stage, multi-reaction shrinking core model for self-inhibiting gas–solid reactions
Some thermal decomposition reactions display self-inhibiting behaviour, where the produced gas negatively influences the reaction progress. Further, a build-up of internal pressure caused by theExpand
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Numerical Modelling of Stress Effect on Grain Contacts and Elastic Properties ofUnconsolidated Sandstone
Impact of discontinuities on rock elastic properties is a long-standing problem in rock physics. Grain contacts, one of the most common type of discontinuities, are responsible for nonlinearExpand
Understanding oscillatory behaviour of gibbsite precipitation circuits
Abstract Gibbsite precipitation plays a central role in the production of alumina, the feedstock for aluminium smelters. A mathematical model of a simplified precipitation circuit is used in thisExpand
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A two-phase solution procedure using mixtures of algorithms in the structure–property problem
Prediction of the properties of chemical compounds by mathematical methods of pattern recognition is considered. Expand
Multi-stage shrinking core model for thermal decomposition reactions with a self-inhibiting nature
Among the variety of thermal decomposition reactions, some display self-inhibiting behaviour, where the produced gas negatively influences the reaction progress. Further, a build-up of internalExpand
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Modelling of gibbsite calcination in a fluidized bed reactor
A steady state, non‐isothermal fluidized bed reactor model for co‐current flow of gas and solids has been developed as a series of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) compartments. For each CSTRExpand
A PDE Agglomeration Model for Bayer Precipitation
A dynamic gibbsite precipitation model based on Safronov agglomeration equation and its newly derived partial differential equation (PDE) approximation. Expand