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New age constraints on the timing of volcanism in central Afar, in the presence of propagating rifts
[1] We investigate the relationship between rift propagation and volcanism in the Afar Depression in the last 4 Myr. Potassium-argon and thermoluminescence dating allow detailed reconstruction of theExpand
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Goitre in a Teaching Hospital in North Western Ethiopia
Back ground: The endemicity of goitre in Ethiopian high lands has been well established. There are however few studies done in the country, especially the study area, on the pattern and surgicalExpand
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HIV and syphilis infection among elderly people in northwest Ethiopia.
The prevalence of HIV has been continually increasing both in urban and rural Ethiopia. As yet, there has been no report on the magnitude of the problem in the elderly and rural population. ThisExpand
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Situation of Rabies in Ethiopia: A retrospective study 1990-2000
Abstract Background: Rabies in Ethiopia is primarily a disease of dogs. However, many people receive post exposure anti-rabies treatment annually all over the country. Most people are at increasedExpand
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Sero-prevalence of brucellosis in occupationally exposed people in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
OBJECTIVE Brucellosis is a Zoonosis, recognized worldwide as a serious public health hazard and economically significant disease. The etiologic agent of this disease is a bacterial species of theExpand
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Ilio-sigmoid knotting in Addis Ababa: a three-year comprehensive retrospective analysis.
BACKGROUND Ileo-sigmoid knotting (ISK), formerly misnomered as Compound volvulus or double volvulus, is a condition where the distal ileum twists firmly around the sigmoid colon and its mesentery. ItExpand
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Surgically Treated Acute Abdomen at Gondar University Hospital,Ethiopia.
Background: Acute abdomen is an acute onset of abdominal disease entities that require immediate surgical intervention in most of the cases. The numbers of researches done on acute abdomen in generalExpand
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Breast cancer in Ethiopia: evidence for geographic difference in the distribution of molecular subtypes in Africa
BackgroundBreast cancer is a heterogeneous disease with several morphological and molecular subtypes. Widely accepted molecular classification system uses assessment of estrogen receptor (ER),Expand
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Pattern of Neurosurgical Procedures in Ethiopia: Experience from Two Major Neurosurgical Centres in Addis Ababa.
Background: In Ethiopia, the number of practicing neurosurgeons is very few and the pattern of neurosurgical diseases and operations is not well known.This study was aimed to define the patterns ofExpand
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