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Mutations in the RNA Granule Component TDRD7 Cause Cataract and Glaucoma
It is demonstrated that Tdrd7 nullizygosity in mouse causes cataracts, as well as glaucoma and an arrest in spermatogenesis, and a role for RGs in vertebrate organogenesis is demonstrated. Expand
Molecular and clinical evaluation of primary congenital glaucoma in Kuwait.
The CYP1B1 mutation spectrum of Kuwaiti PCG patients is similar to that detected in the neighboring countries, and no clear genotype-phenotype correlation detected in patients showed different types of CYP2A1 mutation. Expand
Novel crystallin gamma B mutations in a Kuwaiti family with autosomal dominant congenital cataracts reveal genetic and clinical heterogeneity
This study is the first to report complex heterogeneous mutations in the CRYGB gene resulting in ADCC with three distinct phenotypes (lamellar, anterior polar, and complete cataracts) in the same family. Expand
The outcome of congenital cataract surgery in Kuwait.
Evidence of recent improvement over time in the visual prognosis in bilateral, and to a lesser degree, unilateral cataract, in children in Kuwait is provided. Expand
Ophthalmic assessment of children before renal transplantation.
Although ophthalmic assessment before transplantation did not alter the medical management of the renal transplant patients, consultation may be helpful in selected patients, particularly those who are not already under the care of an optometrist or ophthalmologist and those who have a visual complaint. Expand
Gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments for levels in 39K below 8.4 MeV excitation
The gamma-ray spectroscopy of sixty excited states in 39K below an excitation energy of 8.4 MeV has been studied. The data were obtained mainly from the 36Ar+ alpha reaction at beam energies betweenExpand
Cataract and ocular hypertension in children on inhaled corticosteroid therapy.
The use of inhaled steroids in children with asthma is probably safe as far as not inducing posterior subcapsular cataract or ocular hypertension, according to this study. Expand
Decay scheme of excited states in 67Ge
Excited states in 67Ge were studied using the reaction 64Zn( alpha ,n gamma ). Excitation functions for the production of 67Ge determined the Q value for this reaction to be -8993+or-5 keV.Expand
Traumatic Hyphema - Comparison between Different Treatment Modalities
In cases of mild simple traumatic hyphemas not exceeding 50%, simple lubricating drops probably is most efficient and safe treatment. Expand
The structure of levels in 67Ga below 2.5 MeV excitation
The reaction 64Zn( alpha ,p gamma )67Ga was used to populate levels of 67Ga. Excitation energies, mean lifetimes, gamma -ray branching ratios, angular distributions and linear polarisations have beenExpand