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Phylogenetic relationships of the anamorphic genus Fusicladium s. lat. as inferred by ITS nrDNA data
The genus Fusicladium s. lat. (incl. Pollaccia and Spilocaea) was phylogenetically analysed using ITS nrDNA sequences. Pollaccia and Spilocaea did not form monophyletic groups of their own, but wereExpand
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Myco‐photobiontal selection in a Mediterranean cryptogam community with Fulgensia fulgida
Summary • To examine the mode of dispersal and photobiont selectivity of Fulgensia fulgida we investigated the photobionts associated with the lichens of a community related to the Toninio–PsoretumExpand
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Phytochelatin synthase catalyzes key step in turnover of glutathione conjugates.
Conjugation of xenobiotic compounds and endogenous metabolites to glutathione is an ubiquitous process in eukaryotes. In animals, the first and rate-limiting step of glutathione-S-conjugateExpand
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Photobiont Inventory of a Lichen Community Growing on Heavy-Metal-Rich Rock
: The photobiont inventory of a stand of the Acarosporetum sinopicae, a lichen community comprising saxicolous, chalcophilous lichens, has been analysed. Investigated lichen species were AcarosporaExpand
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Photobionts in Lichens: Possible Indicators of Phylogenetic Relationships?
A compilation of records of photobionts that are associated in lichens of the order Lecanorales shows that mycobionts, when seen at the levels of suborders, families, and genera, are stronglyExpand
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Molecular phylogeny and symbiotic selectivity of the green algal genus Dictyochloropsis s.l. (Trebouxiophyceae): a polyphyletic and widespread group forming photobiont-mediated guilds in the lichen
Dictyochloropsis s.l. is an ecologically important, common but little-studied genus of green algae. Here, we examined the diversity and host selectivity of algae attributed to this genus at bothExpand
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Taxonomic revision and species delimitation of coccoid green algae currently assigned to the genus Dictyochloropsis (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)
Coccoid green algae traditionally classified in Dictyochloropsis have a complex, reticulate chloroplast, when mature, without a pyrenoid. They occupy remarkably diverse ecological niches asExpand
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Evolution of complex symbiotic relationships in a morphologically derived family of lichen-forming fungi.
We studied the evolutionary history of the Parmeliaceae (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota), one of the largest families of lichen-forming fungi with complex and variable morphologies, also includingExpand
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Photobiont selectivity and specificity in Caloplaca species in a fog-induced community in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile.
Little is known about the nature of the association between mycobionts and photobionts in isolated lichen communities. Here we studied the photobiont diversity of different Caloplaca species in aExpand
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Nitrogen and carbon isotope variability in the green-algal lichen Xanthoria parietina and their implications on mycobiont–photobiont interactions
Stable isotope patterns in lichens are known to vary largely, but effects of substrate on carbon and nitrogen stable isotope signatures of lichens were previously not investigated systematically. NExpand
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