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Secondary mould metabolites of Cladosporium tenuissimum, a hyperparasite of rust fungi.
Cladosporols 1-5 were active in inhibiting the urediniospore germination of the bean rust agent Uromyces appendiculatus. Expand
Natural and semisynthetic azaphilones as a new scaffold for Hsp90 inhibitors.
In vivo activity of bulgarialactone B against an ascitic ovarian carcinoma xenograft is indicated, thus supporting the therapeutic potential of this novel series of Hsp90 inhibitors. Expand
Influence of Leucine and Valine on Ramoplanin Production by Actinoplanes sp. ATCC 33076
Investigation of the influence of L-leucine and L-valine, the biosynthetic precursors of the fatty acids in A2 and A3 factors, on the complex composition and antibiotic productivity finds a possible explanation for the different actions of the two amino acids. Expand
Enhancement of a pentacyclic tyrosine kinase inhibitor production in Cladosporium cf. cladosporioides by Cladosporol
The production of the major pentacyclic metabolite 1, a cytokine production and tyrosine kinase inhibitor, was enhanced tenfold when cladosporol was supplied at the highest ratio (200 mg l−1) to shaken growing cultures of the fungus. Expand
Heparin and Carboxymethylchitosan Metal Nanoparticles: An Evaluation of Their Cytotoxicity
The results indicate that heparin and carboxymethylchitosan coatings do not guarantee the decrease of nanoparticle intrinsic toxicity which is often envisaged, Nonetheless, these coatings provide the opportunity for further functionalization with a variety of biomolecules for their use in theranostics. Expand
Synthesis of (+)-spirolaxine methyl ether.
A short and efficient synthesis of (+)-spirolaxine methyl ether, a metabolite of the fungus Sporotrichum laxum with inhibitory activity against Helicobacter pylori, is described. The synthesis hasExpand
Acremines H-N, novel prenylated polyketide metabolites produced by a strain of Acremonium byssoides.
Five novel metabolites, acremines H–N, have been isolated from malt extract–peptone–glucose agar cultures of a strain of Acremonium byssoides. Their structures and stereochemistry were elucidatedExpand
D-amino acid oxidase-nanoparticle system: a potential novel approach for cancer enzymatic therapy.
Fe3O4-APTES-DAAO was demonstrated to be more effective than free DAAO, confirming the validity of the system in cancer therapy and improving the patient's life quality. Expand
Absolute configuration of sporotricale and structure of 6-hydroxysporotricale.
The absolute configuration of the two stereocenters of (+)-sporotricale (2a), a bioactive phthalide secondary metabolite, was determined through circular dichroism and by applying Mosher's method.Expand
Absolute Configuration of the Fungal Metabolite Spirolaxine
The relative stereochemistry of the four stereocentres of spirolaxine 1, a bioactive 6,5-spiroacetal phthalide secondary metabolite, was determined through single-crystal X-ray analysis. Its absoluteExpand