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The simulator TOUGH2/EWASG for modelling geothermal reservoirs with brines and non-condensible gas
An equation-of-state (EOS) module has been developed for the TOUGH2 simulator, belonging to the MULKOM family of computer codes developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This module, namedExpand
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TMVOC, a numerical simulator for three-phase non-isothermal flows of multicomponent hydrocarbon mixtures in saturated-unsaturated heterogeneous media
TMVOC is designed for studying subsurface contamination by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as hydrocarbon fuels and industrial solvents. It can model the one-, two-, or three-dimensionalExpand
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T2VOC user`s guide
T2VOC is a numerical simulator for three-phase, three-component, non-isothermal flow of water, air, and a volatile organic compound (VOC) in multidimensional heterogeneous porous media. Developed atExpand
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2D modeling of salt precipitation during the injection of dry CO2 in a depleted gas reservoir
Abstract The precipitation of halite around a CO 2 injection well has been studied to investigate the possible effects on well injectivity for a pilot test of CO 2 injection in a depleted gasExpand
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Reservoir engineering assessment of Dubti geothermal field, Northern Tendaho Rift, Ethiopia
Following on from surface exploration surveys performed during the 1970s and early 1980s, exploration drilling was carried out in the Tendaho Rift, in Central Afar (Ethiopia), from October 1993 toExpand
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TMGAS: A new TOUGH2 EOS module for the numerical simulation of gas mixtures injection in geological structures
Injection of gas mixtures in geological structures is performed for a variety of different purposes including natural gas storage operations, CO2 flooding and Water Alternate Gas injection forExpand
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Long-term aerobic cometabolism of a chlorinated solvent mixture by vinyl chloride-, methane- and propane-utilizing biomasses.
The aerobic cometabolic biodegradation of a mixture of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) including vinyl chloride (VC), cis- and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (cis-DCE, trans-DCE),Expand
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Modeling biodegradation of organic contaminants under multiphase conditions with TMVOCBio
The existing TMVOC numerical reservoir simulator, developed to model the migration of organic mixtures in the subsurface under multiphase conditions, was improved by adding capabilities for theExpand
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Modeling Multiphase Organic Spills in Coastal Sites with TMVOC V.2.0
Contaminant spills are frequently encountered in coastal sites where many industrial plants are located. Refineries and petrochemical plants are often built close to the sea for easy transport ofExpand
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TMVOC, simulator for multiple volatile organic chemicals
TMVOC is a numerical simulator for three-phase non-isothermal flow of water, soil gas, and a multicomponent mixture of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in multidimensional heterogeneous porousExpand
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