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Appropriate technologies to replenish soil fertility in southern Africa
In southern Africa, soil nutrient reserves are being depleted because of continued nutrient mining without adequate replenishment. The consequent downward spiral of soil fertility has led to aExpand
Soil organic carbon dynamics, functions and management in West African agro-ecosystems
Soil fertility depletion has been described as the single most important constraint to food security in West Africa. Over half of the African population is rural and directly dependent on locallyExpand
Integrated Soil Fertility Management
Traditional farming systems in Sub-Saharan Africa depend primarily on mining soil nutrients. The African green revolution aims to intensify agriculture through the dissemination of integrated soilExpand
Cereal/legume rotation effects on cereal growth in Sudano-Sahelian West Africa: soil mineral nitrogen, mycorrhizae and nematodes
Yield increases of cereals following legumes in rotation have been previously reported for West Africa, but little progress has been made to explain the mechanisms involved. At four sites in NigerExpand
Research on nutrient flows and balances in west Africa: state-of-the-art 1 Paper contributes to EC I
West Africa is poorly endowed when it comes to soil fertility. Unlike for example the Rift Valley area, west African soils never enjoyed volcanic rejuvenation. At low agricultural intensity, thisExpand
Efficient phosphorus application strategies for increased crop production in sub-Saharan West Africa
Abstract Comparable data are lacking from the range of environments found in sub-Saharan West Africa to draw more general conclusions about the relative merits of locally available rockphosphateExpand
Evaluation of application timing in fertilizer micro-dosing technology on millet production in Niger, West Africa
Micro-dosing technology has been developed by the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and its partners to help subsistence farmers in the Sahel improveExpand
Agricultural intensification in the Sahel – The ladder approach
Agricultural intensification in the Sahel can be described as climbing a ladder. The capital, labour, management and institutional requirements increase when farmers climb the ladder, but theExpand
Trend and stability analyses of millet yields treated with fertilizer and crop residues in the Sahel
Abstract Pearl millet ( Penisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) is a major food crop grown on impoverished sandy soils in the Sahel. A 9-year long-term study was undertaken in the Sahel to test the hypothesisExpand
Improving cereal productivity and farmers’ income using a strategic application of fertilizers in West Africa
In the past two years, ICRISAT, in collaboration with other International Agricultural Research Centres, National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems, has been evaluating and promoting pointExpand