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A microcosm study on bioremediation of p-nitrophenol-contaminated soil using Arthrobacter protophormiae RKJ100
The results indicate that strain RKJ100 has potential for use in in situ bioremediation of PNP-contaminated sites and is a model study that could be used for decontamination of sites contaminated also with other compounds. Expand
Pot and field studies on bioremediation of p-nitrophenol contaminated soil using Arthrobacter protophormiae RKJ100.
Biodegradation of p-nitrophenol (PNP), a priority pollutant, was studied as a model system for bioremediation of sites contaminated with nitroaromatic/organic compounds and showed that stability of the introduced strain was enhanced upon immobilization and that the rate of PNP depletion decreased with increasing depth of soil. Expand
Microbial diversity: Significance, conservation and application.
The application, of molecular phylogenetic methods to study natural microbial ecosystems without the traditional requirements for cultivation has resulted in the discovery of many evolutionary lineages and are opening vast areas of microbial world to exploration. Expand
Exploration of interactions of ‘blood-nano interface’ of carbon-based nanomaterials for biomedical applications
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Potential Microbial Diversity in Chromium Mining Areas: A Review
Mining is viewed as one of the principal economic activities that have the potential of contributing to the financial development of the country. On the other hand, the environmental and healthExpand
Edward Blyth and the Asiatic Society
Edward Blyth, one of the early British zoologist spent twenty-two years in Calcutta as a curator of the museum of the Asiatic Society. His work as a taxonomist and field-observer drew the attentionExpand
Study of Antibacterial Activity of Cu NPs and Fluorescent C-Dots Based Nano-gel
Post-operative infection is a serious health problem which is considered to be one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. To address this issue, anti-bacterial gels and antibiotics have beenExpand