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Delivery of Hairpin RNAs and Small RNAs Into Woody and Herbaceous Plants by Trunk Injection and Petiole Absorption
Since its discovery, RNA interference has been widely used in crop protection. Recently, transgene-free procedures that were based on exogenous application of RNA molecules having the capacity toExpand
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Complete nucleotide sequence of a putative new cytorhabdovirus infecting lettuce
SummaryThe full-length nucleotide sequence of the genomic RNA of a new cytorhabdovirus infecting lettuce was determined. Six open reading frames were found in the antigenomic sequence of theExpand
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Mapping of the exchangeable and dispensable domains of the RNA 2-encoded 2A(HP) protein of arabis mosaic nepovirus.
The N-terminal domains of the RNA 2-encoded 2A(HP) proteins of the arabis mosaic (ArMV) and grapevine fanleaf (GFLV) nepoviruses were shown to be highly variable and a hotspot for intra- andExpand
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Real-time multiplex RT-PCR for the simultaneous detection of the five main grapevine viruses.
A real-time multiplex RT-PCR has been developed for the simultaneous detection and identification of the major RNA viruses that infect grapevines (Grapevine fanleaf virus, Arabis mosaic virus,Expand
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Characterization of proteinase cleavage sites in the N-terminal region of the RNA1-encoded polyprotein from Arabis mosaic virus (subgroup A nepovirus).
Arabis mosaic virus is a subgroup A nepovirus. The RNA1-encoded polyprotein (P1) contains the domains for the NTP-binding protein (NTB), VPg, proteinase (Pro) and polymerase at its C-terminus.Expand
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Replicating Potato spindle tuber viroid mediates de novo methylation of an intronic viroid sequence but no cleavage of the corresponding pre-mRNA
In plants, Potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) replication triggers post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) and RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) of homologous RNA and DNA sequences,Expand
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In vitro and in vivo evidence for differences in the protease activity of two arabis mosaic nepovirus isolates and their impact on the infectivity of chimeric cDNA clones.
Regulated processing of nepovirus polyproteins allows the release of mature proteins and intermediate polyproteins. Infectious cDNA clones of the mild NW isolate of arabis mosaic virus (ArMV) andExpand
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Complete genome sequence of a virulent isolate of Arabis mosaic virus from privet (Ligustrum vulgare)
Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV), a member of the genus Nepovirus of the family Comoviridae, has polyhedral virions and is transmitted by the nematode vector Xiphinema diversicatum. The serological,Expand
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Short communication. Molecular analysis of the genomic RNAs 1 and 2 of the first Arabis mosaic virus isolate detected in Spanish grapevines
The Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV) is one of the causative agent of the grapevine fanleaf disease, one of the most widespread and damaging viral diseases of grapevine. Recently, the ArMV has beenExpand
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