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Mortality in a cohort of opiate and amphetamine users in Perth, Western Australia.
Treatment protected clients from premature death compared with people who did not receive treatment and also those who ceased treatment, and amphetamine users had a lower risk of mortality compared with opiate users. Expand
Domiciliary detoxification: a cost effective alternative to inpatient treatment.
Results indicate that, for suitable clients, home detoxification was at least as beneficial as inpatient detoxification and that it was achieved at a much lower cost than inpatient care. Expand
Health Professionals Addressing Alcohol Use with Pregnant Women in Western Australia: Barriers and Strategies for Communication
Qualitative data was collected from health professionals working in primary care in metropolitan and regional Western Australia to elucidate barriers in addressing prenatal alcohol use and the strategies used to overcome them. Expand
Perceived Benefits and Negative Impact of Challenges Encountered in Caring for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Transition to Adulthood
Background  This study investigated the perceived benefits and negative impact associated with stressful events and chronic caregiving demands encountered by parents caring for young adults with anExpand
Women's knowledge and attitudes regarding alcohol consumption in pregnancy: a national survey
There was a disjunction between knowledge and attitudes towards alcohol consumption in pregnancy and these findings will assist in developing effective health promotion campaigns to reduce fetal alcohol exposure and subsequent fetal damage. Expand
Maternal Alcohol Use and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Infant Mortality Excluding SIDS
Maternal alcohol-use disorder is a significant risk factor for SIDS and infant mortality excluding SIDS, and the highest risk of SIDS occurred when a maternal alcohol diagnosis was recorded during pregnancy. Expand
Postnatal home visiting for illicit drug‐using mothers and their infants: A randomised controlled trial
Background:  Postnatal home‐visiting programs for illicit drug‐using mothers have reported some success in reducing harms in some areas but there is a lack of data on their impact on breastfeedingExpand
Methadone‐related deaths in Western Australia 1993–99
Differences between deaths in methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) in the public and private sectors in Western Australia from 1993 to 1999 are determined. Expand
Attitudes and behaviour predict women's intention to drink alcohol during pregnancy: the challenge for health professionals
Women's past pregnancy and current drinking behaviour, and attitudes to alcohol use in pregnancy were the strongest predictors of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Expand
Intellectual disability: population‐based estimates of the proportion attributable to maternal alcohol use disorder during pregnancy
The association between maternal alcohol use disorder and intellectual disability in children and the number of children diagnosed with intellectual disability was examined for the first time. Expand