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Some immunochemical differences between associated and dissociated hemocyanin.
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Isolation and partial characterization of supernatant and mitochondrial shrimp muscle malate dehydrogenases.
Abstract 1. 1. The supernatant and mitochondrial forms of muscle malate dehydrogenase (E.C. isolated from two closely related species of shrimp have molecular weights and hydrodynamicExpand
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Electrophoretic Analysis of Young Alligator Serum
Serum from 30 young alligators was examined by free boundary, starch block, and cellulose acetate strip electrophoresis. The patterns obtained showed that the alligator serum proteins differExpand
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Electrophoretic analysis of young caiman and crocodile serum
Abstract 1. 1. On the basis of electrophoretic analysis, high serum globulin/ albumin ratios have been found in young Crocodilia. 2. 2. Although electrophoretic patterns of young alligator, crocodileExpand
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Comparative Immunology. Active Immunization of Young Alligators with Hemocyanin.∗
Summary and conclusions Alligators can be actively immunized with hemocyanin, a protein antigen, and the circulating antibody consists of at least 2 kinds of immunoglobulin that differ inExpand
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Antigen dissociation as a factor in the immunodiffusion analysis of hemocyanin.
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Simple adaptations to extend the range of flow cytometry five orders of magnitude for the DNA analysis of uni-and multicellular systems.
Procedures and instrumentation are described to extend the capability of a cytometry system to record samples that exhibit a wide range of fluorescence such as multicellular systems. The methodExpand
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A Photometer and Absorption Cell Attachment for Ultramicro‐Spectrophotometry
A cell holder and photometer for use with the Beckman Model DU spectrophotometer is described. The cell holder is designed to position capillary cells of small diameter, e.g. 0.7 mm and 5 cm inExpand
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