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Perspectives on oblique angle deposition of thin films: From fundamentals to devices
Abstract The oblique angle configuration has emerged as an invaluable tool for the deposition of nanostructured thin films. This review develops an up to date description of its principles, includingExpand
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Pressurized liquid extraction for the determination of polyphenols in apple.
Pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) has been optimized for the determination of polyphenols in Golden Delicious apple peel and pulp. The effects of experimental variables, such as solventExpand
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Plasma assisted deposition of single and multistacked TiO2 hierarchical nanotube photoanodes.
We present herein an evolved methodology for the growth of nanocrystalline hierarchical nanotubes combining physical vapor deposition of organic nanowires (ONWs) and plasma enhanced chemical vacuumExpand
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Influence of Titanium Oxide Pillar Array Nanometric Structures and Ultraviolet Irradiation on the Properties of the Surface of Dental Implants—A Pilot Study
Aim: Titanium implants are commonly used as replacement therapy for lost teeth and much current research is focusing on the improvement of the chemical and physical properties of their surfaces inExpand
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Semi-automated, solid-phase extraction procedure for liquid chromatographic determination of papaverine, diltiazem, desipramine and nicardipine in urine
SummaryA solid-phase extraction (SPE) method for sample clean-up followed by a reversed-phase HPLC procedure is reported for the assay of papaverine, diltiazem, desipramine and nicardipine in urine.Expand
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Incorporation and thermal evolution of rhodamine 6G dye molecules adsorbed in porous columnar optical SiO2 thin films.
Rhodamine 6G (Rh6G) dye molecules have been incorporated into transparent and porous SiO2 thin films prepared by evaporation at glancing angles. The porosity of these films has been assessed byExpand
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Selective dichroic patterning by nanosecond laser treatment of Ag nanostripes.
Authors thank the Projects FUNCOAT CONSOLIDER-INGENIO CDS2008 – 0023, MAT2007 – 65764, MAT2010-18447, MAT2010-21228, CEN2007 – 2014, P09-TEP-5283, Domingo Martinez Foundation, and Juan de la CiervaExpand
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Liquids analysis with optofluidic bragg microcavities.
Porous Bragg microcavities formed by stacking a series of porous nanocolumnar layers with alternate low (SiO2) and high (TiO2) refractive index materials have been prepared by physical vaporExpand
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Electronic state characterization of SiOx thin films prepared by evaporation
SiOx thin films with different stoichiometries from SiO1.3 to SiO1.8 have been prepared by evaporation of silicon monoxide in vacuum or under well-controlled partial pressures of oxygen (P<10−6Torr).Expand
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Selective detection of volatile organic compounds by spectral imaging of porphyrin derivatives bound to TiO2 porous films.
In this work, the carboxylic acid derivatives of a free-base porphyrin, 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)-21H,23H-porphyrin, and 10 of its metal derivatives (TCPPs) have been used for optical gasExpand
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