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Metal associations in soils before and after EDTA extractive decontamination: implications for the effectiveness of further clean-up procedures.
The distribution of Pb, Ni and Zn in two contaminated soils was determined before and after treating the soils with an EDTA solution. After the EDTA extraction, the proportion of Pb accumulated inExpand
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Catalyst Effect on the Composition of Tire Pyrolysis Products
The use of HY and HZSM-5 zeolite catalysts in situ in the pyrolysis of used tires in a conical spouted bed reactor significantly modifies the yields and composition of product fractions, which augursExpand
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A review of indoor air treatment technologies
Indoor air pollution is a complex issue involving a wide diversity and variability of pollutants that threats human health. In this context, major efforts should be made to enhance indoor airExpand
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Evaluation of a packing material for the biodegradation of H2S and product analysis
A packing material based on pig manure and sawdust was used for biofiltration purposes. The biofilter was made up of three exchangeable modules and the operation was carried out for 2500 h, duringExpand
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Pyrolysis of sawdust in a conical spouted‐bed reactor with a HZSM‐5 catalyst
The effect was studied of using an in-situ catalyst based on a HZSM-5 zeolite in flash pyrolysis with an inert gas (N{sub 2}) of pinus insignis sawdust in a conical spouted-bed reactor in theExpand
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Chemical Analyses after Consecutive Extraction of Inorganic Components in Suspended Particulate Matter in Bilbao (Spain)
An extraction procedure for determining the most important inorganic components in urban suspended particulate mattercollected in glass fiber filters has been used by treating thewhole sample, ratherExpand
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Biofilter response to gradual and sudden variations in operating conditions
Abstract Biofiltration is an efficient technology that involves passing chemical-laden gases through a moist, porous medium containing active microorganisms. Although this technology is apparentlyExpand
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Fractionation of lead in soils and its influence on the extractive cleaning with EDTA
A sequential extraction (fractionation) procedure was adapted for this study and was carried out to compare the distribution of Pb in the soils of three locations, with varying levels of pollution.Expand
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Hydrogen sulphide adsorption on a waste material used in bioreactors
Abstract The biofilter packing, support or bed material, is considered to be the “heart” of the biofiltration system, especially when it also provides active biomass. Furthermore, when biodegradationExpand
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Biotechnology as an alternative for carbon disulfide treatment in air pollution control.
Biotechnology has emerged as an affordable, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to treat carbon disulfide (CS2) containing waste gases. Carbon disulfide is a chemical of widespread use both inExpand
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