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Bicaudal-D regulates COPI-independent Golgi–ER transport by recruiting the dynein–dynactin motor complex
The small GTPase Rab6a is involved in the regulation of membrane traffic from the Golgi apparatus towards the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in a coat complex coatomer protein I (COPI)-independentExpand
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Effects of different forms of environmental enrichment on behavioral, endocrinological, and immunological parameters in male mice
This study investigated effects of different forms of environmental enrichment on behavioral, endocrinological, and immunological parameters in male mice. For this purpose, animals of the inbredExpand
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Synaptophysin: a substrate for the protein tyrosine kinase pp60c-src in intact synaptic vesicles.
Expression of pp60c-src, the first well defined proto-oncogene product, is developmentally regulated and tissue-specific, with neuronal tissues displaying high amounts of the c-src encoded pp60c-srcExpand
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Effects of environmental enrichment on males of a docile inbred strain of mice
Environmental enrichment is intended to improve the welfare of laboratory animals. However, regarding male mice, numerous studies indicate an increase in aggressive behavior due to cage structuring.Expand
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A mutant form of the rho protein can restore stress fibers and adhesion plaques in v-src transformed fibroblasts
The organization of polymerized actin in the mammalian cell is regulated by several members of the rho family. Three rho proteins, cdc42, rac and rho act in a cascade to organize the intracellularExpand
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Preferential expression of a pp60c-src related protein tyrosine kinase activity in nerve cells of the early metazoan Hydra (Coelenterates).
It has been suggested that the proto-oncogene c-src plays a functional role in developing neurons, and in the mature nerve cells of higher vertebrates. The coelenterate Hydra represents the mostExpand
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Protein kinase activity associated with immunopurified p53 protein.
Enhanced protein phosphorylation seems to be characteristic for cell transformation. Viral or cellular oncogene products which are functionally implicated in cell transformation sometimes activateExpand
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Elevated expression of the cellular SRC gene in tumors of differing etiologies in xiphophorus
In the fish Xiphophorus we have detected elevated levels of pp60c‐src kinase activity in a variety of tumors (n = 34) of neurogenic, epithelial, and mesenchymal origin either of hereditary etiologyExpand
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Multiple src-related kinase genes, srk1-4, in the fresh water sponge Spongilla lacustris.
In one of the simplest metazoan organisms, the sponge Spongilla lacustris, at least four different src-related kinase genes (srk1-4) are expressed, all of which show a high degree of similarity toExpand
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The genes that carcinogens act upon.
Currently in cancer research much emphasis is being placed on mutation [2–4], rearrangement [5], amplification [6–8], and demethylation [9] of oncogenes that are supposed to represent the primaryExpand
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