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Geometric and Radiometric Calibration of RADARSAT Images
Interpretation of SAR images in areas with significant relief requires rigorous calibration considering local illuminated area and incidence angle effects if one is to be able to perform meaningfulExpand
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In this paper we introduce a state-of-the-art stereovision mobile mapping system with different stereo imaging sensors and present a series of performance tests carried out with this system. The aimExpand
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Signal-to-clutter ratio enhancement in bistatic very high frequency (VHF)-band SAR images of truck vehicles in forested and urban terrain
Multiple scattering is often a dominating scattering mechanism in VHF-band SAR, in particular in scenes including forested and urban terrain. Most important in this context is multiple scatteringExpand
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Bistatic Experiment with Ultra-Wideband VHF-band Synthetic- Aperture Radar
We describe a bistatic ultra-wideband VHF-band SAR experiment and present measurement results. The bistatic SAR system, operating in the band 28-73 MHz, is based on CARABAS-II as airborne transmitterExpand
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Bistatic experiment with the UWB-CARABAS sensor — First results and prospects of future applications
We present first results of an airborne bistatic experiment conducted in Switzerland with the Swedish ultrawideband sensor CARABAS, operating at 28–73 MHz (UWB). Expand
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Swiss alpine airborne sar experiment (SASARE) part II - imaging of high alpine glaciers at the VHF-band
We rate the geometric quality of the automatic processing of the ultra-wideband radar data, discuss its most characteristic features, as well as problems caused by highly variable topographic gradients. Expand
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Cross-Compatibility of Ers-Slc Products
The SAR image products (ERS-SLC) from the ERS AMI sensor are produced and distributed by various PAFs, such as CPRF, I-PAF and D-PAF. For high end applications that fully exploit the phaseExpand
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Swiss Airborne Monostatic and Bistatic Dual-Pol SAR Experiment at the VHF-Band
This paper describes a low-frequency sensor campaign in Switzerland. Several parallel and circular (spotlight mode) tracks were flown in a monostatic and bistatic configuration with the Swedish radioExpand
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Swiss alpine airborne sar experiment (SASARE) part I: multi-baseline polarimetric SAR inter-ferometry studies at L- and P-band
We provide first results from analysis of multitemporal/-baseline Pol-InSAR Land P-band measurements of the polarisation-dependent complex interferometric coherence of different glaciological surface types of an Alpine glacier. Expand
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Tieffrequente abbildende Radarsysteme : ein neues instrument in der Fernerkundung
Abstract. Die neue Fernerkundungstechnologie Synthetisches Apertur Radar (SAR) mit Radiowellen hat ein grosses Potential in der Forstwirtschaft und der Klimaforschung. Auch die heute noch nichtExpand