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The New Wave of Outsourcing
This paper assesses the potential impact of the ongoing phenomenon of services offshoring (frequently referred to as outsourcing, in the media) by analyzing the occupational structure of the US laborExpand
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Global Linkages of Subnational Regions: Coastal Exports and International Networks
This article explores the determinants of exports of the two coastal regions of the continental United States and the differences between them. The authors evaluate the contribution of internationalExpand
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Valuing Mortgage Insurance Contracts in Emerging Market Economies
We develop a new option-based method for the valuation of mortgage insurance contracts in closed form in an economy where agents are risk neutral. While the proposed valuation method is general andExpand
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A tale of two sectors: Upward mobility and the private housing market in Singapore
Abstract Our paper examines the determinants of new private residential units sold in Singapore during the 1990s. The Singapore housing market is characterized by the coexistence of a dominant publicExpand
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Global Financial Integration and Real Estate Security Returns
Have globalization and increasing economic and financial integration affected the rates of return of publicly traded real estate companies around the world? Using a set of multi-factor models forExpand
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California shrugged: fountainhead of the Great Recession
California was the epicentre of the current Great Recession. Due to its economic structure, open economy, political institutions and other factors, it has a starring role in the four-fold US crisisExpand
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Managing globalization of R&D: Organizing for offshoring innovation
This article analyzes the challenges brought about by the globalization of innovative activity to the science and practice of management. The task of matching organization structure and managementExpand
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A note on globalization and urban residential rents
Abstract We present evidence on the impact of international economic openness upon residential real estate, consistent with the well-known Balassa–Samuelson effect, which suggests that increasingExpand
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Globalization and the Real Estate Industry: Issues, Implications, Opportunities
Globalization has reached the local and "non-tradable" bastion of real estate. In the last decade, cross-border transactions, portfolio and direct investments have surged in real estate, impactingExpand
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Innovation, R&D and Offshoring
This paper analyzes the offshoring of innovative activity, and the circumstances and implications of the global spread of corporate R&D. Economists are largely in agreement on the importance ofExpand
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