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Poisson Approximation
Logarithmic Combinatorial Structures: A Probabilistic Approach
The elements of many classical combinatorial structures can be naturally decomposed into components. Permutations can be decomposed into cycles, polynomials over a finite field into irreducibleExpand
Stein's method for diffusion approximations
SummaryStein's method of obtaining distributional approximations is developed in the context of functional approximation by the Wiener process and other Gaussian processes. An appropriate analogue ofExpand
Stein's method and poisson process convergence
Stein's method of obtaining rates of convergence, well known in normal and Poisson approximation, is considered here in the context of approximation by Poisson point processes, rather than theirExpand
A central limit theorem for decomposable random variables with applications to random graphs
Stein's method of obtaining rates of convergence to the normal distribution is illustrated in the context of random graph theory and results are obtained for the number of copies of a given graph G in K. Expand
On the rate of Poisson convergence
On utilise l'adaptation elegante de Chen de la methode de Stein pour ameliorer des estimateurs
An Introduction to Stein's Method
A common theme in probability theory is the approximation of complicated probability distributions by simpler ones, the central limit theorem being a classical example. Stein's method is a tool whichExpand
Stein's Method
Poisson Process Approximations for the Ewens Sampling Formula
The Ewens sampling formula is a family of measures on permutations, that arises in population genetics, Bayesian statistics and many other applications. This family is indexed by a parameter $\thetaExpand
Approximating the epidemic curve
Many models of epidemic spread have a common qualitative structure.  The numbers of infected individuals during the initial stages of an epidemic can be well approximated by a branching process,Expand