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Antitumor Organometallics. IV. The Mutagenic Potential of Some Diphenylantimony(III) Dithiophosphorus Derivatives
Two diphenylantimony(III) derivatives of dithiophosphorus ligands, which were previously found to exhibit antitumor properties, have been investigated for potential mutagenic effects in healthy and Ehrlich ascites tumor-bearing mice and results are consistent with a mutagenIC potential. Expand
Effect of anoxic radiosensitizers on cellular and mitochondrial oxygen consumption and respiration control ratio.
It was concluded that misonidazole influences respiration in a similar way to uncouplers, and the interaction site for both substances is at the NADH level. Expand
Antitumor organometallics. I. Activity of some diphenyltin(IV) and diphenylantimony(III) derivatives on in vitro and in vivo Ehrlich ascites tumor.
In mice bearing Ehrlich ascites tumor cells, all four compounds inhibited the tumor growth, the organometallic phosphorodithioates being more active than phosphinodithIOate analogues, and the organoantimony derivatives moreactive than organotins. Expand
Antitumor organometallics. II. Inhibitory effects of two diphenyl-antimony (III) dithiophosphorus derivatives on in vitro and in vivo Ehrlich ascites tumor.
The inhibitory effects could be related to the imbalance between ATP-producing and ATP-consuming processes in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells and also to their cell-cycle specificities. Expand
Release from the Crabtree effect by hypoxic cell radiosensitizers.
Gl glucose induced a Crabtree effect in Ehrlich tumour cells, expressed as 38--45% inhibition of O2 consumption relative to that in the same medium without glucose, and the stimulatory effect of misonidazole and NDPP on O2 utilization in medium with glucose undoubtedly appeared as a release from the Crab Tree effect. Expand
The first organoantimony(III) compounds possessing antitumor properties: diphenylantimony(III) derivatives of dithiophosphorus ligands.
Two organoantimony (III) derivatives were shown to exhibit antitumor properties and produced strong tumor inhibition effects in mice bearing Ehrlich ascites tumor. Expand
Effects of hypoxic cell radiosensitizers on the activity of ATPases.
Misonidazole (MIS, Ro-07-0582, 1-(2'-hydroxy-3'-methoxypropyl)-2nitroimidazole) was a gift from Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. Basle, Switzerland ; metronidazole (MET,Expand
Polymer/CNTs Composites for Electronic Packaging
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have physical properties that significantly exceed those of commonly used fillers and additives. With a tensile strength eighth times greater than stainless steel and with aExpand