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Sources of ethnic identification in Africa
The effect of disposable infection control barriers and physical damage on the power output of light curing units and light curing tips
Infection control measures should be carefully considered before use to avoid undue effects on power output delivered from the LCUs/LCTs to ensure that the degree of polymerisation within the resin-based composite and curing efficiency are not affected unduly. Expand
Comparison of the anti-scorbutic activity of L-ascorbic acid and Ester C in the non-ascorbate synthesizing Osteogenic Disorder Shionogi (ODS) rat.
EC rats had 3-4 times less, if any, scorbutic signs than AA rats, and has more available ascorbate activity/potency than AA, which is believed to be due to the facilitated transport of AAE into the cell by the threonate present in the EC product. Expand
The effects of various levels of ascorbic acid on the response of the ODS rat to trimethyltin.
Results suggest that in the ODS rat, TMT toxicity may be influenced by levels of AA intake, and RAM performance of rats maintained on low levels ofAA appeared least affected by TMT. Expand
Novel biological recycling water purification system for use in fish toxicology studies
The purpose of this study was to develop a novel biological filter system which facilitates the nitrification process, thereby removing or controlling the build-up of toxic metabolic waste products in holding tanks in the laboratory. Expand
Aortic lipid and /sup 125/I-albumin accumulation in streptozotocin-diabetic guinea pigs: prevention by insulin treatment
An abnormal increase in aortic permeability to albumin is demonstrated, histological evidence of early atherosclerotic lesions is shown, and insulin treatment can prevent these angiopathiesmore in this STZ-diabetic animal model. Expand