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Abstract A new fish fauna is described from the late Middle Miocene (Volhynian; early Sarmatian sensu lato) of Tsurevsky, North Caucasus, Russia. Ten taxa belonging to nine families are described, ofExpand
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Phylogenetic revision of the fish families Luvaridae and Kushlukiidae (Acanthuroidei), with a new genus and two new species of Eocene Luvarids
Bannikov, Alexandre F., and James C. Tyler. Phylogenetic Revision of the Fish Families Luvaridae and fKushlukiidae (Acanthuroidei), with a New Genus and Two New Species of Eocene Luvarids.Expand
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New taxonomic synopses and revision of the scombroid fishes (Scombroidei, Perciformes), including billfishes, from the Cenozoic of territories of the former USSR
ABSTRACT: We present an overview of all known fossil scombroid fishes (Scombroidei, Perciformes) of the former USSR, many taxa of which are described in a language other than Russian for the firstExpand
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A new family of gymnodont fish (Tetraodontiformes) from the earliest Eocene of the Peri-Tethys (Kabardino-Balkaria, northern Caucasus, Russia)
The environmental changes that occurred during the Paleocene–Eocene transition are crucial for the interpretation of the patterns and processes of diversification of vertebrate clades. A prominentExpand
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A remarkable clupeomorph fish (Pisces, Teleostei) from a new Upper Cretaceous marine locality in Lebanon
A new clupeomorph fish,Sorbinichthys elusivo n. g., n. sp. is described from a new Upper Cretaceous (Middle ? Cenomanian) marine locality at Nammoura (Lebanon). The characteristic features of the newExpand
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Fishes from the Eocene of Bolca, northern Italy, previously classified in the Sparidae, Serranidae and Haemulidae (Perciformes)
A revision of the type specimens of the Eocene fish species described by Agassiz from Bolca (Italy) and deposited in the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, revealed that the putative EoceneExpand
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New Genus of Primitive Ocean Sunfish with Separate Premaxillae from the Eocene of Southwest Russia (Molidae, Tetraodontiformes)
The upperjaws of a fossil fish from the late Eocene of Russia (Kumsky Horizon, North Caucasus) are referred to the Molidae because of their uniquely derived features of highly striated external boneExpand
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Oligoremora rhenana n. g. n. sp., a new echeneid fish (Percomorpha, Echeneoidei) from the Oligocene of the Grube Unterfeld (“Frauenweiler”) clay pit
Abstract A new genus and species of remora, Oligoremora rhenana n. g. n. sp., is described in detail and compared with all other extant and fossil representatives of the family Echeneidae. ItExpand
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